OK + Feature suggest. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Hi guy! Works in my XP SP3 with FF21.0. Very useful when i have pasted some text in the search-bar that i don't want to loose.

A• integrate ALL my current installed search engines.
B• replace the "search with google" with search engine's favicon.
C• replace the "Search" button with an icon.
D• scroll my search engines by scrolling the mouse wheel only in any blank area of the about:newtab (to make compatible with "Wheelclear" add-on)
E• also select search engine by popup menu when click in the favicon. (like native search-bar)
F• popup menu compatible with folders (see "Organize Search Engines" add-on)
G• option to show the search engine name in the input field.
H• option to put the favicon and the "Search" icon button inside or outside the input field.
I• option to choose the input field colors (font and background) (useful to give the user the freedom to maintain harmony with stylished About:newtabs)

At least the first suggestion, will gonna make your add-on more versatile and much more useful yet, cuz at this moment (version 1.0.2), your add-on could be considered partially useful.
Anyway, your add-on works. That's what i give you five stars.