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  • .doesn't show extension window perfect , needs update
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Não funcionou para bloquear as propagandas no Youtube
  • Hello. Congrats., Only Best Software World. good job.Thanks for the Giveaway. This app is more than 5 stars.
  • Much lighter than alternative addons, fast, blocks ads flawlessly!
  • Muito bom !!!
  • Soper*OK!!!!!
  • Does what the program states it will do, the only issue I have with the program is.......when one opens the header bar icon to view what is being blocked there appears to be no way to see the individual *scripts* blocked. One sees a single entry of the website, a numeral in the header bar stating the total number of items blocked and that's it. I would personally like the flexibility of *fine tuning* what I want or do not necessarily want disallowed. In older versions of *adblock* one can do just this....go into the properties of the program & edit the script to their liking, cannot seem to do this with this program, (unless it is hidden somewhere out of sight)
  • This is really nice and doesn't seem to feature any unwelcome suprises so far with v0.4.2. I really like the css-only "Lite" mode (though I didn't benchmark it) and the ability to mark, but not block ads is an innovation. Even the default whitelisted sites are for non-profit projects, unlike the infamous Adblock Plus ransom business model making websites pay for being able to show ads.

    The two limitations are the lack of custom rules (like blocking all .gif on some domains), and - most tiresome - no adblock warning removal. After a lot of sites telling me to turn off my adblocker, I'm back to uBlock Origin for the moment.
  • Spy.
  • I just created this account to review this Awesome extension. you must install this if you want the best
    Thanks for the developer and hope you keep it updated
  • anti-adblock sites won't detect this addon !