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  • I previously wrote a rather critical review of this addon. But after the recent "addons off" Mozilla disaster ("thank you" for supporting older versions users, Mozilla!), I realized that I was just an ungrateful prat! I didn't even realize just how much work this addon does in the background. I lived without it for three days, and I now fully appreciate it. It removes nagging ads from youtube, it remove audio ads from VK, it removes EVERYTHING!!! It does an AMAZING job. Thank you very much to everyone who worked on this addon!!! You are truly appreciated!!!!
    Hi Badaboom!

    Thanks so much for the feedback! We were all going through it with this latest Firefox issue. I'm glad things are working now. :-) Feel free to reach us via support@adblockplus.org if you need assistance in the future. I hope you have a GREAT rest of your week! We appreciate your support!

    ABP Support Team
  • Stopped working after the firefox update , shifting to Chrome now , good bye firefox
  • Ne peux pas télécharger malgré une connexion correcte.