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  • This is unquestionably one of the best FF extensions ever, right up there with the likes of Firebug and Flashgot. Personally it's my favorite and it makes the entire internet experience so much better.

    I have literally been going to website after website trying to find an ad that got through, but have not found single one since I installed it.

    This add-on is an absolute must-have into our Web 2.0 advertising-supported era. It's just fantastic and if I actually had any money I would give it to the Adblock team so they can keep this up.

    I pity those using IE for many, many reasons, but their lack of Adblock is chief among them.

  • It blocks annoying adv.
    I love this plugin!!!

  • Simply and unequivocably AWESOME!

  • I absolute love this add-on, one of Firefox's best add-ons. If you are tired of those websites with many advertisements (such as creativecow.net), then this add-on is right for you! I highly recommend this valuable extension for Firefox.

    However, I have encountered a bug in this new version (1.1). Whenever I block an image or ad, nothing happens! It only goes away after I refresh the page. This used to work fine (the image immediately went away after I blocked it) in the old version. I'm giving this a five since no add-on, however perfect, always has at least one flaw. Please fix this in the next update, and always keep the development up! We Firefox users can't live without this.

  • This is one of Firefox's greatest add-ons, but I have encountered a bug in the new updated version. When I try to block an ad or image with this, nothing happens! The image/ad only goes away after I refresh the page. It used to work fine; the image/ad went away immediately. Please fix this bug in the next update.

  • this add-on really rocks.

  • Great extension

  • all i can say is its the most amazing add on ever, no more ads!!!

  • Excellent extension!
    The only thing I missed is preferences synchronization between different FF instances via Weave (or xMarks). Will it be ever possible? Thanks!

  • Превосходная программа.

  • Simply one of the best extensions ever!

  • Excellent

  • I prefer to use the "old" AdBlock: here you can download a compatible Firefox 3.5 version (modified by me):
    Hope you like it!

  • lo recomiendo totalmente, es espectacular como elimina la publicidad y eso ayuda a que las paginas cargen mas rapido y nos evitamos la molestia de ver anuncios q no sirven para nada, gracias.

  • great add-on! its like, the best add-on ever made!

    especially since i'm the type of person that gets easily annoyed by ads that most people don't notice.

    it's a VERY useful tool to speed up web page loading, in my honest opinion :-).

  • This is the best addon in the history of addons.

  • This is the add-on you can not afford not to have unless you can stand the gazillion ads and flashes loaded on the web pages. This application is so nice that it is almost the sole reason I'm sticking with Firefox. Don't get me wrong, FF is an excellent browser. But I don't see the advantages of FF over other browsers such as Chrome except the ability of using user-created add-ons particularly Adblock Plus. Unfortunately, the day Google allows user-created add-on for Chrome is the day I seriously consider to switch to Chrome.


  • GOOD

  • Its a brilliant addon for Mozilla Firefox. . Its fast, flexible and very much customisable. I can block any ads, images on any page i want. I can disable filters on selected pages. It saves a lot of internet bandwidth and my time too. It also helps in fast loading times of the page. While its the only reason why i am not switching over to Chrome2 or Safari 4, for IE users this addon becomes the USP for Firefox.

  • Worked quite nicely for me. Sites such as MediaFire open ten times faster. I no longer have a reluctance to visit these sites, many of which are quite good, but are supported by their advertising.

  • Great Add-On!

  • it really works

  • Everyone has this add-on. And there is a good reason why.
    With ABP, you can block just about anything but plain text. If there are any images that just make you go crazy, block it. I simply can't live without this. After using this for a long time, it would be hard to drop it and experience the true Web.
    Remember though, some sites are supported by their advertising. Be sure to disable ABP on sites that you wish to support. That's the only reason why anybody wouldn't like this add-on. Other than that, there is no reason I can think of why someone wouldn't use this.

  • Hello, i really enjoy this plugin, but it seems to be incompatibel with miranda.. I am using the Miranda Pack from www.miranda-pack.com and my Firefox gets empty contextmenus, a strange looking border line over my status bar and all that strange stuff.. i think its a miranda plugin that cauzes the icomapbility.. would be nice if you can check this out and help me.


  • Worked like a charm on my Yahoo Mail.