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  • Maravilhoso bloqueia todos os anúncios do youtube e de todos os sites que acesso. Parabéns
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  • I've used adblock plus since it's inception though word of mouth, I use it because most commercial sights would put ads that load before the page showed up, ad that would slow your system down, or those nasty ads that would hijack your system. Even now some company's would detect your adblocker, then the page wouldn't load. I don't care i guess they aren't worth my time.
    Adblock Plus to me is a layer of protection everyone should have. So to those who think adblock is not "conducive" to their profit margin. Maybe you should take a good look at the filth you're putting on your page and address the honest concerns of all of your customer.
    To those who use adblock, remember the old adage, if you like it, help the provider out, it take time to make and maintain pages so help them out.
  • Seit mehreren Wochen werde ich von störenden Werbeanzeigen geplagt. Als ich mich dann letzte Woche zum Arzt begeben hatte, diagnostizierte er mir Augenkrebs. Vielen Dank Adblock Plus, dass sie mir solches Unheil zugefügten haben. Ich werde umgehend rechtliche Schritte gegen sie einleiten und mich auf meine Grundrechte berufen und um sie wegen schwerer Körperverletzungen anzuzeigen!
    Sie hören von meinem Anwalt...
  • extremely awesome