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  • I love that you add your own domains to block.
  • This Addon is nearly the same as AdBlock Plus: It asks for letting through minor advertisements and redirects to patreon.com - in this case, I can use AdBlock Plus instead. This addon activates filter lists as well even if deleted and not used!
  • Add blocker is voor mij een belangrijke tool om te voorkomen dat adds hun irritante en overbodige afleiding doen. Sommige mensen zijn misschien nog niet er achter gekomen dat goede zaken geen reclame nodig hebben.
  • It's really work perfectly.
  • I like that I can select which ads I want to block.
  • I use it, it works, BUT there is a problem I am experiencing. With each launch of Firefox i need to add my settings again.

    For some reason no settings are saved between Firefox restarts which makes it annoying to manually bringing back what should save automatically. Also, the custom filters reset which is a big problem because some sites have very tricky ways of pushing ads, like f.e. when they make the ad box with randomly generated string of numbers and text for each instance of the page.

    Please fix, or provide me with some sort of a workaround. Thanks!
  • Der Name des Addons wurde geändert aus 57 wurde ein X, nun funktioniert es nicht mehr. Ich vergebe 2 Punkte weil es eigentlich klasse war aber jetzt nicht mehr funktioniert.
    Mozilla hat uns leider gezwungen den Namen zu ändern. Allerdings war dies die einzige Änderung in der neuen Version. Was funktioniert denn bei Dir nicht mehr?
  • just because new 57 web extent ions THIS is SAME as ADBLOCK PLUS 3,0 so i kept this one
  • Ok
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  • Android için iyi
  • works good
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