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  • Great. Just one word great.

  • Great. Love to colour scheme and the way the buttons light up different colours.

  • Great looking skin. Loving the light up different colour buttons.

    Any chance of an update to include Glasser as it would look better with this

  • This is a really nice theme. Very cool, but can be difficult to understand if you first got it. All in all, very nice!

  • Very Nice. The look is awsome. The only problem is if you have a toolbar from another company it shows up a little weird. And I can't figure out how to change the color of the buttons.

  • love this one...I like the fade effect; and that its kind of simple;
    black/gray/white are favorites; as well as unique buttons.

  • Lovin' the theme,
    how do you get the color buttons instead of the black?

  • cool theme

  • nice good job =)

  • nice good job =)

  • Like it a lot better than the dark themes, not to dark not to light just the right shade.

  • Nice. Not to dark or to bright. Good job.

  • **So** glad to see AB back for FF3. I think it's the best looking dark-colored theme going. Subtle, elegant, just an outstanding theme all-around.

  • Pretty nice but not too exciting or anything

  • It is great to see Acid Burn back and functional for FF3. It is certainly one of the best looking themes out there.

  • Make available for Mac OS.

  • Nice theme,great job on it.

  • I think that this addon should be avaiable/compatible with Linux too.

  • really great theme, problem on mine is the navigation bar, bar with forward, back, refresh, addy bar etc, is a light blue color that doesn't at all blend, fix this and the theme is money

  • Looks pretty, but the url bar doesn't seem to fit FF3

    Antwort des Entwicklers

    I haven't been updating this theme in a long time. There's still quite a few kinks to be worked out.. Patience please, it could be a while until it's perfect again!

  • No question about this theme. It is clear, it is easy on the eye and it doesn't look like every other theme in the Add-ons. My only suggestion would be to work on the contrast. The more your work stands out the more fans you will gain.

    Please try not to make too many changes. You've got a winner here!

  • I loved acid burn in 2.0, glad its back for FF3!

    In the meantime I was using PitchBlack, and now I'm finding the contrast a bit poor. Hopefully some tweaking is coming up that will assuage my fear. Practicality is most important, and it can still look damn good!


  • Acid Burn is back for FF3!! It's great to have it back! Thanks Haytham! Can't wait for more updates... =)

    the sidebar in All-in-one sidebar doesn't seem to work unfortunately, but I can get it if I access from the menu bar up top.

    Thanks again, Haytham!

  • I can't wait till I can use it! I hope there will be more than three options for Firefox 3 themes soon.

  • I updated to 3.0 yesterday and now I definitely miss what I cannot have. =(
    I never had a single problem with acidburn. I'm honestly considering downgrading firefox until a newer version of this theme is available.
    It's so true that you don't know what you've got until it's gone. =(