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  • This extension is unparalleled. Please upgrade it.
  • Does NOT work! Fail!
  • I got a Javascript error when I tried to save everything on a forum page. It could be to large but if so it makes this addon useless to me.
  • Firefox 54. I tried on several pages, always with the same error, even after total reboot:
    TypeError: Argument 2 of CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawWindow is not a finite floating-point value.

    Useless; uninstalled
  • [Exception... "Failure" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://abduction/content/browser.js :: abduction/capture :: line 767" data: no]
  • Since december last year I cannot save screenshots anymore. Instead I get the following error message:

    [Exception... "Not enough arguments [nslWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]" nsresult: "0x80570001
    (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://abduction/content
    /browser.js :: abduction/action_save :: line 847" data: no]

    This happens with Firefox 51.0.1 (x64) and Pale Moon 27.1 (x64) on Xubuntu 16.10.
  • get nothing in the context menu
    so dont work
  • Saving as png doesn't work, but i successfully copied to paint using this tool.
  • Version "" doesn't work on Firefox 51.
  • This version doesn't show a "Save as image ..." option any more. So no way to actually do anything with this addon. Very sad, as I used Abduction! a lot while it still worked.
  • Just tried this and now my YT homepage loads but will not play videos whatsoever, even after disabling (Tried again) and then REMOVING. I'm not some idiot, well maybe I am for installing something with a name like abduction. Thanks a bunch mate, now I'm off to find a solution, cheers.
  • I've used Abduction!-FIXED 4.0.2 with Firefox 43 running on both XP and Linux Mint, and now with Firefox 44 running on both operating systems and it's working perfectly. Thank you.

    Or if you're not married to Firefox, try Pale Moon instead.
    Abduction! works perfectly with Pale Moon 26.
    I've switched to Pale Moon as my primary browser.
  • ...Nothing what so ever.
  • Does not work at all in FF43 and Windows 10
  • Hello Friends,

    This Abduction version is not compitable with Firefox 37 and above, We have updated the code of this outdated addon and fixed it to work with latest firefox version.

    Download latest version here - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/abduction-fixed/
  • I'm getting the error:

    [Exception... "Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]" nsresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://abduction/content/browser.js :: abduction/action_save :: line 847" data: no]
  • Doesn't work for me. I get the following error:

    [Exception... "Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]" nsresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://abduction/content/browser.js :: abduction/action_save :: line 847" data: no]
  • In my earlier review, I stated that the Blackshore's patch worked in my browser FF39.0. That is true, BUT...It works as long as I do not shutdown or restart FF. When FF is restarted, the error returns.
    It is unreasonable to require that a user not close his browser.
    I am therefore changing my review to state that Yes the patch does work TEMPORARILY, but will only work during the current browser session.
    My Bad for not testing enough!
  • [Exception... "Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]" nsresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://abduction/content/browser.js :: abduction/action_save :: line 847" data: no]

    How to fix this?
    I have Firefox 38.0
  • Fixes doesn't work on 38.0.5 anymore. The main reason why i still using it (instead of screengrab for example) is because !Abduction has this x-ray function, which scans html elements (such as , , and so on) and take a shot of it. Copy still works but this slows me down, pasting it in external editor every single time, so annoying
  • The addon is excellent but is currently broken due to one single line of text that is easily fixed.

    I'm hoping the developer fixes this and allows the addon to continue.
  • Read blackshore's contribution from April 19, 2015, he/she provides a patch that still works with FF Ver. 38.0.1.
    Thank you.
  • This is an excellent tool. however recent updates to Firefox gives following error on clicking the Save button. Please fix if possible

    [JavaScript Application] fl
    Exception... "Not enough arguments [nleebBrowserPersist.saveURl]" nsresult: "ox80570001
    (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JSframe:: (hrome://abduction/content
    browser.js :: abduction/action_save :: line 847" data: no]
  • thanks a lot to Dukecze and Dareks fixes. Now it works well again.