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This addon is really great. It's the best way to listen to music while you surf/work on firefox.But... the last couple days I've been seeing an annoying message from malwarebytes. It says that an IP address ( was blocked. The plugin isn't working anymore for me. Is the add-on making some kind of redirection or something? Is it some kind of advertisement?Thanks to the developer for such an amazing add-on! Is there any way to fix my problem?

Working Fine Now. I used the Microsoft Fix it program and everything is working great now.

I saw improvements on playlist. Two thumbs up!
Sometimes it skips one or two songs. I believe it is due to youtube restrictions for my country. Thanks Again Dev!

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Are you still having this issue? No advertisements have been added except for the title scroll bar before you search a song but that should not affect your connection. The remote connection to YouTube still remains the same. Step through the "FireTube Not Working" section here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/FireTube/.

Let me know if you are still experiencing any errors.