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fantastic add-on, but..

it works as it should i guess. but alot of wierd ways to go around things in dev of this addon. it uses jetpack first of. thats baaad. it uses html refrences in firefox dom wich makes it hard to edit with css. like these five 'white.png' files that are forced into add-ons bar. i think i can get rid of those so no worries there. but the limitations is what bugs me. one search only brings up four results and when they are done playing i gotta do a new search.. i dont like that. it should five a play list of minimum 10 songs and the list should keep feeding itself whn i reach the bottom.

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I built FireTube using the Addon Builder Helper since I built this originally for a school project and needed to have something done is a month or two rather than trying to learn new technologies. I understand the limitations but I didn't realize others would be customizing it in the future.

There is an update in the review process that will have playlist functionality which will be able to handle an unlimited amount of songs.