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Hello, Stephen Palmerin, I really love this add-on, but I have a little problem: I can't really choose the song out of the "playlist". Sometimes I coose e.g. the second song and it plays the third. And this second song I can never play.(one of these songs is (exact title):"My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean - Mnozil Brass", or "My Way", if you search for "my way mnozil brass". On Youtube both work fine.)
Can you help me? I already did it re-install. (?!)
Greetings from Germany.

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Songs skipped

Hi there,

The problem lies with YouTube's API. Some videos/songs are disabled when they are embedded into websites and I do not have a solution for this at the moment. In the next update, I plan to not list the unplayable songs.

Hope this helps,