Add-on to Pick your favorite stuff and save it in 2Pick.co

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3d printing price comparison service

3d printing price comparison service addon with 50+ Service Providers.

Compare 3D printing services and choose from over 50 Companys. Order your 3D printed model online in just a few simple steps. Start by uploading your STL file!

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Add-on para facilitar cadastro de produto na 4bP.

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AliExpress CZK

Přepočítává ceny na AliExpressu na české koruny

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Aliexpress Shopping Assistant

1. Die gleichen Produkte finden.
2. Preisentwicklung.
3. Preis in der App zeigen.
4. Verkäufer analysieren.
5. Shortcuts zum Aliexpress.

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AliExpress — качественные товары из Китая

Интернет-магазин AliExpress на русском языке. Качественные товары от розничных и оптовых продавцов из Китая.

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All Prices

All Prices is a Firefox extension to easily display all price and style options for products on Amazon.com.

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Wtyczka dla użytkowników serwisu AlleMon.pl – platformy umożliwiającej monitorowanie Allegro i w rezultacie otrzymywanie natychmiastowych powiadomień o nowych aukcjach.

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Amazon 1-Click Lock

Adds an extra step to the Amazon 1-Click to prevent accidental purchases

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Amazon 2+Clicks Order

Avoid accidental purchase by replacing 1-Click button on Amazon

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Amazon Biblio JP

Amazon.co.jp 商品ページの書名の上に書誌情報を表示します。

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Amazon EU: Price Comparison at a click

Compare Amazon EU Prices, easily
Click on the min-skas button while you are visiting a specific Amazon product page and min-skas will automatically search European Amazon sites to get the best deal for you!

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Amazon FBA Calculator Widget

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget. Support Amazon.co.jp.
Amazon の商品ページでアイコンをクリックすると、商品・単価が設定された状態で FBA 料金シミュレータページが開きます。

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Amazon Share-A-Cart

Amazon Share-A-Cart allows you to share the contents of your cart with anyone else.

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Amazon SMILE!

Redirects you to smile.amazon. For now, Amazon always donates 0.5% of your order value to charities of your choice.
Works with every country specific Amazon page that supports smile!
(smile.amazon.com, smile.amazon.de)

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Amazon Tag Remover

Remove the Amazon affiliate tracking ID (tag) from amazon links

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AnyPerk Extension

This extension provides a helpful reminder whenever you browse to a site that has perks on AnyPerk. Follow the link directly, login to your AnyPerk.com account, and redeem the perk first before buying!

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AuctionSearchKit Benötigt Neustart

One-click eBay tools providing useful information to the buyer including a map of where items are located, past feedback on similar items and seller history/statistics.

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Aussie Shopper

Offers helpful functions to aid in the Aussie shopping experience.

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Auto Smile

Never Forget to use Amazon smile again!

Auto Smile redirects any amazon.com links to smile.amazon.com so you never forget again!

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