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#be browser detector

Boost your user profile with the #be browser detector.

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Soyez au courant quand Monark commence à streamer!

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Bookmarks via email, to a +folder of your choice.

Send the current tab, as an email, to an email address of your choosing.
Ideal for use with an email like ``.

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This add-on enables you to zoom in/out by one hand

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One scan to login based on 1Password

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2D & 3D Calc

Calculator zur Berechnung Schaltung, Bereich, Fläche und Oberfläche.

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2ishi banner

Replaces Google banner ads with 2ishi banners

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Add-on to Pick your favorite stuff and save it in

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3d printing price comparison service

3d printing price comparison service addon with 50+ Service Providers.

Compare 3D printing services and choose from over 50 Companys. Order your 3D printed model online in just a few simple steps. Start by uploading your STL file!

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3IH Uploader

Upload images to 3IH.RU

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It is used to get shortcut to 3 mail websites(Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft).

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Save expressions from web and learn them with 3ShoeBoxes app on your phone. With this add on, you can save highlighted text in your browser to you account and learn this word or expression using 3ShoeBoxes app on your Android phone.

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48tools for Infusionsoft

UI Adjuster for Infusionsoft Application List

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Add-on para facilitar cadastro de produto na 4bP.

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4chan Faster Images

Redirects and requests to on

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500px save

Enables right click for images on 500px

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55PBX Webphone

Extensão de Webphone 55PBX (softphone web) para Firefox.

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7Cav Zulu Conversion

This extension appends a conversion to your local timezone after any zulu times on

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9GAG Nightmode

Dieses Addon ändert die Hintergrundfarbe auf von Weiß auf Schwarz (Nightmode). Es ändert zudem einige Schriftfarben von Schwarz zu Weiß.
Dies ist ein Addon welches nicht offiziel von ist.

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9gag nsfw

Activate this plugin to view all 9gag nsfw images without logging in. You will view the nsfw posts directly on 9gag, as opposed to some plugins which just opens the image in a new tab.

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