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Enable Youtube Player Mobile Kein Neustart

Enables the Youtube player for Firefox for Android

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REST Easy Kein Neustart

A simple REST client for Firefox

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Toggle animated GIFs Kein Neustart

Start/stop GIF animations through a keyboard shortcut or by clicking them. You can also restart animations from the beginning, or disable animations by default.

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Faster Video Mobile Kein Neustart

Allows manipulation of the playback rate of HTML5 videos

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Silent Block

Minimum and fast URL blocking by regular expressions.

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Custom User-Agent String Kein Neustart

Set custom User-Agent string. Also available for Firefox on Android.

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Home Changer Kein Neustart

Replace the default home page to your favorite website.

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Auto Fullscreen Kein Neustart

Hides location bar after page load or when swiping/scrolling. Shows location bar when sipwing towards or dwon from upper edge of screen.

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WebODF Kein Neustart

Viewer for OpenDocument Format office files.

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lolifox - Fierr MOD

Replaces the error page with a lolifox appearance with additional features.

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URLFilter Kein Neustart

Block advertisement and access to adult sites

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Blender Kein Neustart

Blend in the crowd by faking to be the most common Firefox browser version, operating system and other stuff.

See the addon homepage for more information.

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RememberPass Kein Neustart

RememberPass is a Firefox/Firefox Mobile Addon to force browser to remember password even website disable it by default. It's done by set autocomplete to "on" where it's off.
Here is: Test Page

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Eliminator Slajdów Kein Neustart

Oglądaj galerie zdjęć bez slajdów w serwisach Agory, ONETu, MojeMiasto i MediaRegionalne. Wszystkie zdjęcia wyświetlają się na jednej stronie. Nie trzeba już przeładowywać całości przechodząc do następnego slajdu.

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About Startup Kein Neustart

Displays startup timings

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CleanQuit (Mobile) Kein Neustart

Clean up the mess and quit! This extension brings back the good old quit button to life as well as the ability to clean what you wish at the same time.

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Smart Referer Kein Neustart

Send referers only when staying on the same domain.

You can whitelist domains with wildcards and configure other things, look in the preferences page of the addon in the addon manager.

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Click-to-Play Manager Kein Neustart

Manages the Click-to-Play domain whitelist.

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Better MXR Kein Neustart

Improve page titles for MXR (
Works with search/ident/source/find URLs

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AMO Admin Assistant Kein Neustart

Some simple tools to facilitate AMO administration. This is only useful for AMO reviewers and admins.

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