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  • ・検索ウィンドウを開いた時の初期フォーカス位置を入力欄にしてほしい
  • Hi, thanks for the good work! But I've one more wish: Would it be possible to embed the search field in the toolbars instead of having the search field just in a popup (this'd mean one less click when using the standard search engine)? Thanks a lot!
  • good but it can be more useful; for example search sites should be ordered optional or based on a favorite folder and these sites should be switched in context menu
  • Just what I was looking for! Using bookmarks keywords as search engines.

    The perfect complement for Context Search WebExtension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search-we/)

    I have one suggestion: Can you add support for grouping (folders)?

  • Work Perfectly with Firefox 49 !
  • 1.0.2015122401 version does not work in Firefox 43.0.3
  • Permet d'éviter l'ouverture auto du menu des moteurs de recherche lorsque l'on clique dans la zone de recherche. Le clique droit était très pénible.

    Transforme également ce menu pop up comme il l'était dans de précédente version de Firefox. Le menu et de nouveau à la vertical (bien plus logique) et le nom des moteurs sont de retours à droite de l’icône.

    A force de vouloir implémenter des nouveautés, ils pourrissent des systèmes qui fonctionnes pour les changer en systèmes beaucoup moins intuitifs et logiques. Ils courts de trop derrière Chrome à mon sens.

    @ENG.KARIM : Merci, ça fonctionne très bien :)
  • If you want to restore the old search bar behavier in FF 34, Follow These steps :-
    1- Open about.config Page
    2- Search for:- browser.search.showOneOffButtons
    3- Change value from "True" , to, "False"
    4- Restart FF 34 ,
    Now, you can reuse "Second Search" like before .
    What I really wish to be supported in Second Search, is the ability to keep the menu opened after clicking on a search engine, So we can search with multiple engines, without needing of reopening the search engines list ... Cheers
  • In the past, this has been an extremely helpful add-on. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with version 34 of Firefox. The new Firefox has its own way of performing the same function, but Mozilla's solution doesn't work nearly as easily. Any chance that Second Search will be updated?
  • Good, but I think that the addon Quick Search Bar has a much more elegant, intuitive, and less cumbersome solution. Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/quicksearch/.
  • The extension seems great so far, however it wont play well with the Searchbar Autosizer extension. After the entered text clears after the time specified in Second Search, the size won't colllapse as per the Autosizer until I click on the empty search field.
    Plus by combining, it would take the need for SA away. The main functions in SA that I find usefull is 'revert to default search engine' - which I'm pretty sure SS already does.. And 'shrink searchbar to button if empty' - and of course, just the expansion of size when entering and shrinking of the size without returning to button. The autosizing also makes this extension incompatible with using the option to show the popup 'above the searchbar', because the text from this extension wont move along with the increasing size of the searchbar.
    This would be an almost perfect add-on with that functionality.

    There is also a 'SearchWP' extension that might be nice to add to this too. I haven't had time to play around with this one too much yet (I have it disabled right now) - but it allows highlighting of the search terms within the page by clicking on the search term.

    All in all, this Second Search extension shows promise at becoming the grand-daddy of all search extensions! Or the mother of all search extensions, if you will.. =)
  • New version caused right-click to not work sometimes, maybe in combination with AdBlock Plus? After disabling Second Search, right-click problems gone. Can anyone confirm?
  • Plz!!! update for fx 4!!!
    Thank you!!!
  • has confliction with TAB UTILITIES,cant open search recults in new tab,also not good with another add I dont remember
  • this was one of my favorite extensions, but it seems to conflict with the 'add to search bar' addon, which i also love. i am hoping this will be resolved soon!
  • It'll be great if we can also search multiple search engines at once. Possibly using a checkbox system as in this outdated extension. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9599
    You simply type the query press spacebar to select the search engines(or the checkboxes using the mouse) then press enter to have them opened in multiple tabs.
    In addition we can also have predefined groups to group together related search engines together. Eg. for programming related queries we can group stack overflow and cplusplus.com together.

    Any thoughts
  • I would love it more if it would be integrated with the drop down suggestions in urlbar like searchery.
  • It used to be one of my most favorite addons. But with FF 3.5.2 it does not work anymore. Dragging text to the box, does not clear the old query or the name of the searchengine anymore. This way it became useless to me. Please fix it soon!
    I think it is caused by collision with other addons.
  • This extension is great! Thanks so much! Please keep it updated.

    I much prefer this over search keywords in the location bar. By keeping the search bar, I also retain easy access to my search bar history.
  • Can't live without it! Speeds up my searching a great deal! I would never use other search engines if I had to manually switch between them, search, and then switch back.
  • I really love this add-on, but it doesn't work correctly with Firefox 3.5; it seems this happens to some other people as well. (I'm using Mac OSX 10.4)

    hope this is going to be fixed shortly. Thanks. :-)
  • it is a nice simple plugin, but unfortunately it does not work together with the peers addon. In that case always the current search provider is used instead of the selected
  • It does not working, when the search engine shows word suggestions for google , yahoo.
  • It does not working, when the search engine shows word suggestions for google , yahoo.
  • That would be even better if you add the possibility to ctrl+enter for second choice, shift+enter for third, shift+ctrl+enter for ... just like url completion in url bar !