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Profile Buttons Ingen genstart

A button to be able to open the profile folder, along with two buttons to create profiles, and also switch the current profile.

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Tilføjet July 8, 2015

Add-ons Manager - Version Number Ingen genstart

Restores add-on version number inside Add-on Manager for latest builds of Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

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134 brugere
Tilføjet June 27, 2015

about:config Button Ingen genstart

Open about:config to change hidden settings that cannot be edited from the Options window. All Mozilla based programs have settings that can not be changed in the options window.

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Tilføjet June 21, 2015

All Menus Button Ingen genstart

Show all the menus in a single menu button that can be placed anywhere. Also contains replacement buttons for the default menus.

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Tilføjet June 9, 2015

Page Colors & Fonts Buttons Ingen genstart

Adds buttons to toggle the using the default page colors and fonts, and the page defined colors and fonts.

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Tilføjet June 7, 2015

Hitsteps Analytics

Hitsteps Analytics is a powerful real time website visitor manager, it allow you to view and interact with your visitors in real time.

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Tilføjet June 7, 2015

Find Buttons Ingen genstart

Adds buttons to open and manage the find bar.

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Tilføjet June 6, 2015

About:about Button Ingen genstart

A button that lists all the about pages that exist. Some of these pages are also provided as separate buttons.

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Tilføjet June 5, 2015

QFO - Quick Fuck Off

This extension serves the purpose of providing instant access to the FOAAS web service. FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.

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Tilføjet June 5, 2015

Restart App Button Ingen genstart

Restart the current application, as you might need to do after installing a new extension or theme.

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Tilføjet June 2, 2015

Add-on Preferences Button Ingen genstart

Displays a menu that allows you to open the option/preference window for any add-on that has one.

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Tilføjet June 1, 2015

Free Memory Button Ingen genstart

Free unused memory that Firefox is currently using.

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Tilføjet May 31, 2015

Screen-sharing extension for snap.md Ingen genstart

Screen-sharing extension for snap.md

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Tilføjet May 26, 2015

Rage Hoye

Prevents you from sending offensive mails based on a keyword list

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Tilføjet May 25, 2015

Show Calendar Week

Shows the calendar week Thunderbird/Lightning calendar's moth and multi-week view.

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Tilføjet May 22, 2015

Toggle Quotes

A toolbar button and a shortcut key for the QuoteCollapse extension.

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Tilføjet May 21, 2015


NirvanaHQ for Thunderbird

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Tilføjet May 16, 2015


Add menu items for copying Archived-At (RFC 5064) URLs from emails

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Tilføjet April 26, 2015


Show a column with the Gravatar-picture and sender-name in email folders.

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29 brugere
Tilføjet April 25, 2015


A Greenlandic spell checker for Mozilla products.

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Tilføjet April 19, 2015