TB 52.3 32bit on Windows 10 - does not allow instal Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

I just now known about this add-on.
Would like to use it, but I can't install it.
Not compatible with versions above 45. :(

Hope the developer updates it to be compatible with current versions.

I gave 3 stars based on the prospect of being updated and past coments. I'mm update to 4/5 depending on being able to use it with current version and how much I like it.

Thanks in advance.

So good that one asks why this wasn't bult into Thunderbird Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

But, of course, this is true of every R Kent James add-on.
So, well done and thank you.

super dodatek Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Szukałem wszędzie jakiegoś scriptu lub java bo zależy mi na drukowaniu załączników .pdf naprawdę swietny ten dodatek ale brakuje tego. proszę o pomoc : infodruk@info-druk.pl
Mamy dużo .pdf do print

Nice extension Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Small feature request:
The print action should be extended to include an option to whether to print the message or the attachments. Maybe rather a separate "Print attachments if named..." action could be introduced with a regular expression field that would match on the filename of the attachment that should be printed.
Otherwise a really good extension what I tried worked as should.

Perfect at suppressing my annoying notifications. Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

If you've ever had one of those emails you keep around and only want to look at occasionally without being bothered by notifications every other day, then this plugin will help you do that perfectly.

I've currently only set it up for notifications to be suppressed for all messages coming to one particular account of mine, but I also tried out a couple of their other options (regex ftw) for a bit and found them to work perfectly as well. For those of you with performance concerns, I'm usually pretty wary of putting on addons since my systems pretty slow, but this does not seem to have noticeably slowed it down either.

Worth doing, do it right. Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

Clearly, there are some useful features in this add-on, and if the ones that work happen to be the ones you need, it's great. However, to leave an extremely complex feature in disrepair, and without the most rudimentary essential documentation borders on inexcusable in my view. The only reason I installed this was to be able to examine headers and filter based on their contents. For a header regexp like this:


to return a false positive, is difficult to explain. True, I have no way of knowing if 'Received' or 'received' is actually supported as one of the supported 'properties' (since the list is not documented). But, if neither of those property names were supported, why would the regexp return true? If one or the other is supported, and the string 'unknown' does not exist anywhere in the header, why would that regexp continue to return true for every header it saw?

If you can't rely on a regexp as simple as that one, it's hard to see how you can build a system which likely depends on much more complicated regexps to work properly. So for me, that earns 1-star, since that's the only reason I installed it.

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thunderbird 45.0 Bedømmelse: 2 ud af 5 stjerner

regex doesn't work anymore ...

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Thunderbird 38.5.0 + FiltaQuilla 1.3.1 works Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Using it for regex match on subject, seems to work great. Why regex match isn't a standard feature of Thunderbird is very curious.

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Move to relatif folder Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

I have several accounts (C1, C2, C3) and each has a folder "TODO"
By keyboard shortcut, I try to move a message to the "TODO" folder of the account on which the message depends.
I thought using the "Action Javascript" function from FiltaQuilla to do but I'm not developer :o(
I found code on the bottom of page https://dev.mozilla.jp/localmdc/localmdc_2728.html but I do not know how to fit it for my need
Thanks for your help
Kind regards

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"Do Not Notify" does not work if there is an event "Move To Folder" on the same filter Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

Hi! I want to move some mail to separate folder and don't want to get instant notification about it. But also I don't want to mark them unread: if I do, it will be difficult to determine, what have I already read.

To overcome it, I try to use your FiltaQuilla feature "Do Not Notify". I've written a filter that moves the emails from some address to other folder and suppress notifications with Do-Not-Notify. Alas, when Move-To-Other folder is enabled, Do-Not-Notify does nothing.

Cannot you help me?

If needed, here's my email: felix-neko@list.ru

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Works but isn't for the faint of heart. Documentation could be better Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

I'm thankful to have found FiltaQuilla and given the complexity of regular expressions I was girding myself for some heavy brain twisting to achieve the filter that I needed (more on that later). Here is a GREAT tool for testing regular expressions https://regex101.com/#pcre

After installation it is is a pretty invisible add-on. Like some others have posted after installation, I restarted TB and went to edit an existing filter. No sign of any additional filter logic :-(. So I checked the options - only one Filter action and one Search Term (Subject Regex match) was enabled. Don't understand why so few search terms are enabled by I went ahead and enabled 'Header Regex match' which is what I needed and restarted TB as instructed.

Went back to edit my existing filter and the dropdown search terms didn't have ANY new options. :-( Hmmm

Started to create a new filter and presto - the new search terms were in the drop down. So I suspect that THIS is the mystery that leads many to believe that the addon doesn't work. Existing filters don't offer any of the new search terms - period. You have to create a new filter and then you will see the new FiltaQuilla search terms offered.

Next has to do with what frankly most of us probably want FiltaQuilla for - more sophisticated filtering of headers. Here is where I think FiltaQuilla can be improved on. The Header Match regex search term is unnecessarily cryptic and the documentation really could be much better. It doesn't work the way you would expect. You can't search individual headers, you are limited to the available properties that are set on the nsIMsgDBHdr object associated with the message. You would think that one might be the 'From' header but, no, you need to use 'sender' as the value. This strikes me as an area that could be much more simplified and possibly expanded on so that any header record can be searched.

One cool bonus that I stumbled on. You have access to FiltaQuilla's search terms when you create a permanent search folder. To get to them, right-click the folder you want to setup a search for, select 'Search Messages...' On the Search pop-up (leave it blank), go to the bottom and click 'Save as Search folder'. Another window will pop and you can construct your search in that window using all of FiltaQuilla's search terms just as you would when you create a filter.

Overall however, I am giving FiltaQuilla 4 stars because without it I would not be able to do the filtering that I need to do and I do appreciate that someone put time and effort into providing this functionality for free.

Finally here is my contribution. If you want to rid yourself of all of the spam coming from all of the new top level domains (TLD) here is a regex that will do the job without butchering your folder.


Just setup a filter, click 'Match all of the following' and for each filter step, select 'Header Regex Match' then doesn't match and then sender:/.*@.*\.com>?\s*(\(.+\))?$/im

Add as many fiter steps as need to include only the top level domains that you want to have in your inbox. Set the filter action to move the matched entries (TLDs that you DO NOT want) into a Junk folder or whatever you want to do.

The above regex will not allow senders from the many of the new creatively done domains such as spam.com-something.weird to leak through.


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Useless... Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner

I've downloaded this, & restarted Thunderbird - which looks exactly the same as it looked before, no new menu items, no new tools, no nothing. Where IS this so-called add-on? And how on earth is one supposed to use it?! >:-(

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"Do Not Notify" doesn't work Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

The reason I installed this extension is "Do Not Notify" option, but it doesn't work at all. I still get all messages in desktop notification box despite having added "Do Not Notify" to all filters.

EDIT: Found a workaround. Instead of "Do Not Notify" I now use "Mark As Read" + "Mark As Unread" (the one from Filtaquilla) combination.

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good addon for advanced filters Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

I use it a lot for advanced filter and it does it.

I would have liked to know, for cons, how to list urls of a message and then automatically open them in the thunderbird or firefox browser.

I saw that you could use the "javascript with body" option but I do not know javascript ...
Note that I downloaded all my messages locally so I have access to the body.

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Very Handy....but Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5 stjerner

FiltaQuilla does have main action I need , Save Attachments. This is great for automatically saving invoice pdfs etc.
But, There is no option to SKIP if the attachment name and filesize are the same as a file already saved. Thus we get 10000's of duplicate files.
Some smarts in the Save Attachment process would be great.
Like also prefixing or appending the email date to the file name as it is saved.
If it had this Id give it 5 stars!

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Very Helpfull but not able to use Run File feature Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner


I am not able to use the run file feature of this plug-in. I am giving a shell script (.sh) on the path. This should run when I receive an email.

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Great tool Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5 stjerner

Great tool but I have one bone to pick, when I setup a filter for auto printing, I can not also set the email to be auto moved to another folder or else it prints out as a blank page.

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Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

Good add-on, but missed "attach file" function

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Great add-on – but I'm missing one important feature Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

This is really a great add-on, BUT I'm missing one important feature:

To have a combination of "AND/OR" functionality in the filters. I'm trying to explain what I mean:

In the standard Thunderbird Message Filters I can select "Match all of the following" (which means AND) or "Match any of the following" (which means OR). But I can NOT combine those two like "Match (subject=A OR subject=B) AND sender is X".

It's a shame that the standard Thunderbird message filter doesn't have this functionality – even the old outdated Microsoft Outlook Express has this functionality!

Unfortunately this great add-on FiltaQuilla doesn't have it too. Maybe it's not possible to create such a functionality in FiltaQuilla.

Does anybody know of such an add-on with this functionality?


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Yes Boolean filters would be nice

At the recent Thunderbird Summit, we tried to find time to plan the user interface for boolean filters ("AND/OR" functionality") but ultimately did not. So this is recognized as an issue. In FiltaQuilla itself, you can do more complex search terms, including boolean filters, using custom javascript search terms. You have to know how to code what you want though, so this only helps a tiny majority of users.

Search in Body Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

When i open the source code of an email, i found that there is something in its body, which i can search using some regix, but unfortunately i am unable to to do so with FiltaQuilla.

Here is the related portion of its source code:

<html><body><table border=0 width='98%' cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td valign='top'>
<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width='97%'>
<tr bgcolor=#fefefe><td><b>Additional Info:</b></td><td></td></tr>

I want to apply a filter to this thing 'Additional Info:</b></td><td></td></tr>".


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