Michael B.

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Navn Michael B.
Stilling Student
Hjemmeside https://codefisher.org/
Bruger siden July 17, 2008
Antal udviklede tilføjelser 4 tilføjelser
Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse af udviklerens tilføjelser Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

Tilføjelser jeg har lavet

Toolbar Buttons

Adds toolbar buttons to the customize toolbar window in several programs including Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Some of the buttons make commonly preformed actions quicker, others add new functionality.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (329)
113.059 brugere

Extra Format Buttons Kræver genstart

Adds a font size (in pixels), strikethough, subscript and superscript buttons to Thunderbird's Compose Window.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (10)
6.412 brugere

MinimizeToTray Plus Kræver genstart

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try MinimizeToTray Revived instead.

Minimize applications to the system tray.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (193)
13.723 brugere

Text Formatting Toolbar Kræver genstart

Toolbar for formatting text in BBcode, HTML or Wiki code

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (50)
1.154 brugere

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Text Formatting Toolbar - Updated By _Dave_

Bedømmelse: 1 ud af 5 stjerner


Can you disable this extension and get in contact with me? I don't remember ever getting an email from you. If I had, I would have responded. There are reasons I have not updated this extension for awhile, but if you like I can give you access and we can update the extension together.


Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner


For those having problems with getting this working with the newer versions of Thunderbird and Firefox I would like to point out there is another extension biased of this one which is actively being developed by me. See https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2831

I only take the liberty of posting this review because one of the original developers emailed be recently with this to say (only part of a longer email):

"I've heard from others that another extension existed. Sure enough, I saw it did. Thank you very, very much for taking over this concept. It was needed desperately when Mook and I worked on it. And it's still needed now. What you've done is wonderful. Great work!"

Tree Style Tab

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Great extension, it has been a boon ever since someone recommended it to me.

One of my favorite features is they way it opens new tabs under the page I open it from. It allows me to track how I got to a page, and keeps related pages grouped. Really good when I start opening 20+ pages at a time.

It takes up quite a bit of horizontal space, but since I have a rather large screen that does not bother me personally right now. Might be more of a problem when I start using my laptop regularly again.

I also like the well done control panel, with plenty to change. It certainly was not an after thought, which it feels like in some other extensions I have used.

Denne anmeldelse er af en tidligere version af tilføjelsen (0.9.2010020502). 


Bedømmelse: 2 ud af 5 stjerner

This add-on would make a lot of sense (why can't we do this by default) if it worked.

Looks like the places window is one that really can't be opened in a tab and expects it own window. Having a play with this extension, drag and drop will not work, when I click on a book mark it opens the page, but I can't click the back button to return to the places window.

And the real let down for the extension is he had a number of options, but no options window to access them by. I take two stars off for this.


Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

I like the idea of this extension. On Linux some buttons already have icons - so for consistency I though this looked like a cute idea.

Unfortunately it seams to conflict with any button that had a icon already - nothing gets shown. Which destroys the effect.

Otherwise well done :)

Denne anmeldelse er af en tidligere version af tilføjelsen (0.1.2).