Simple Hinting Ingen genstart

Allow keyboard browsing through links hinting.

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Tilføjet April 3, 2016

ClickGuard Ingen genstart

Prevent accidental interaction with tab contents

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Tilføjet February 27, 2016

Sensitivity Header + SPX

Implement the "Sensitivity" header for outgoing messages (described in RFC 4021 section 2.1.55).
Forked from another add-on developed by ff_bob, added SPX header for Sophos security appliances

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Tilføjet February 6, 2016

PlayFlash 32bit

Flash player plugin - unofficial xpi repack for 32bit browsers.
Use when official plugin installer is not suitable.
All binary files are copyrighted by their authors and distributed for free.

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Tilføjet December 28, 2015


This is a fork of AutoProxy, which can run the latest version of Firefox.

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Tilføjet December 17, 2015

Diagnostics for Adblock Plus Ingen genstart

Diagnostics tool for Adblock Plus, provides some insight into internal processes of Adblock Plus.

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Tilføjet December 15, 2015

Tab Reopener Ingen genstart

Reopens the last closed tab.

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Tilføjet November 10, 2015


Based on original AutoProxy!

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Tilføjet October 30, 2015

Crash Me Now! (Simple) Ingen genstart

Crash yourself with ease

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Tilføjet September 29, 2015


convert session files of yamaha consoles, print channel lists and reports

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Tilføjet September 7, 2015


Tools for Meyersound's MAPPonline

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Tilføjet September 7, 2015

French Press Ingen genstart

Coffee Cup Ready

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Tilføjet August 16, 2015

Extension List Dumper 2

This extension adds a button ("Dump list") to the Add-ons window. When this button is pressed, a new window is opened with the list of installed extensions, themes or plugins...

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Tilføjet July 30, 2015


Report und grafische Auswertung für Messungen mit dem XL2-Audio und Akustik Analyzer von NTi Audio

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Tilføjet July 28, 2015

about:config Button Ingen genstart

Open about:config to change hidden settings that cannot be edited from the Options window. All Mozilla based programs have settings that can not be changed in the options window.

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Tilføjet June 21, 2015

Find Buttons Ingen genstart

Adds buttons to open and manage the find bar.

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Tilføjet June 6, 2015

About:about Button Ingen genstart

A button that lists all the about pages that exist. Some of these pages are also provided as separate buttons.

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Tilføjet June 5, 2015

Restart App Button Ingen genstart

Restart the current application, as you might need to do after installing a new extension or theme.

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Tilføjet June 2, 2015

Add-on Preferences Button Ingen genstart

Displays a menu that allows you to open the option/preference window for any add-on that has one.

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Tilføjet June 1, 2015

Free Memory Button Ingen genstart

Free unused memory that Firefox is currently using.

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Tilføjet May 31, 2015