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Fennec Add-ons af Ken Saunders

Add-ons for Mozilla's mobile browser project Fennec.

169 følgere

My Favorite Add-ons af Diego

56 følgere

Semplice e veloce per Fennec af Enrico Previdi

Questa raccolta contiene add-on che tendono a semplificare l'usabilità dell'interfaccia di Fennec e quindi velocizzano considerevolmente l'interazione con i siti web su un cellulare

14 følgere

fligtar's mobile add-ons af Justin Scott (fligtar)

my mobile add-ons

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Rapidzilla af alpha.omega101

Tienes Firefox Móvil, este es tu sitio.
icono por,

12 følgere

my recommended add-ons af shgysk8zer0

I have used plenty of add-ons, and browsed through even more than that. These are the ones that I recommend. These are the ones that actually make browsing the internet easier, faster, and safer.

12 følgere

Mobile Add-ons for Developers af Matt Brubeck

Mobile Firefox add-ons for Mozilla developers, extension authors, and web developers/designers.

10 følgere

Socialmedia Moblie (On the Fly) af

Collection of best of best socialmedia mobile add-ons for mobile firefox on the fly from @binterest (

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My Favorite Add-ons af Lipe

9 følgere

Mobile Addons af Stephen Cronin

A collection of addons for Firefox Mobile

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