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Version 1.0 32.8 KB Virker med Mobilen 5.0 og nyere

  • Added locales from BabelZilla.
  • Another fix for multi-login menu. This time it shows up reasonably both on Android and on desktop.

Version 1.0pre2 24.6 KB Virker med Mobilen 5.0 - 11.0a1

Fixed style problem with multiple login selection menu that caused it to be nearly unusable due to improper colors from cascaded styles. Seems the desktop build of Fennec has different styles (perhaps due to extra toolkit stuff included?). I only found out about this by running the Android emulator, which I checked out when the coming move to native UI was brought to my attention.

(This has caused it to not look quite right on desktop builds. At least the items in the menu are still visible, though.)

Version 1.0pre 23.6 KB Virker med Mobilen 5.0 - 11.0a1