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This one was motivated by a user's request. I had looked into a mobile version several months prior, but had initially dismissed it due to lack of any built-in interface to the Password Manager in Fennec. However, upon reconsideration, I realized that an equivalent to the Password Manager was unnecessary (and certainly undesirable considering the highly simplified interface requirements on mobile platforms); it would be sufficient merely to use a context menu as the hook. With that problem solved, it was merely a matter of learning enough about how Fennec's UI works, which was challenging and yet fairly quick thanks to the simple design.

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I have been clued in that Fennec is going to stop using XUL for its UI. Apparently it's already in the nightlies, but only for Android, because of the use of native code. This means I'll need to figure out just what to do about the new "Native UI" version and how to create add-ons for it.

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Sted Spokane, WA
Bruger siden July 26, 2008
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