Ghostery... Thank you. Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Up until now, I’ve been using Firefox without tracking protections. But when I heard about Ghostery from my friend, I didn’t care much about what “privacy” was ... until, I realized the third-party companies were “selling” my information without my consent! With this powerful app, not only did I have an extra layer between malicious software and my computer, but also recognized the importance of web control. I am extremely pleased that such potent extension is now part of my life (for free, of course). For example, before I installed this, my browsing experience was usually clicking websites and wait minutes to load individual advertisements and unnecessary scripts. Minutes! Not seconds! However, after this app, I now have the control of an “Internet-King” to filter out whichever companies I want! Ghostery… Thank you.

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