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Navn qrobe
Hjemmeside http://qrobe.it/
Bruger siden jan. 23, 2010
Antal udviklede tilføjelser 3 tilføjelser
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Google + Bing + Ask = Qrobe.it for Firefox

Qrobe.it searches Google, Bing and Ask simultaneously.

Features infinite scrolling, TAM instant answers, keyword suggest, news, private, no tracking.

Directly search YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Google/Bing maps, access weather from the search bar.

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Google + Bing + TAM = Qrobe.it (HTTPS/SSL/Private)

HTTPS secured version of Qrobe.it

Qrobe.it searches Google, Bing and TAM simultaneously.

TAM instant answers, infinite scrolling, private, secure, SSL

"query /yt", "query /gm", "query /nf" searches YouTube, Google maps, Netflix etc respectively

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Family and Kids friendly search engine Google+Bing

Ahdle.com is a new search engine designed for families and kids

Ahdle uses advanced dual filtering to keep out unsafe content but is loaded with all the features you would expect from a modern search engine

Features TAM - the answering machine

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