Speed Tweaks (SpeedyFox) Ingen genstart

This extension provides a list to almost all the settings that you may need to alter in order to enhance Firefox's speed.

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FireMath is an equation editor based on MathML, the mathematical markup language.

Find examples, FAQ, installation instructions and a discussion board at

Speed up scientific scripting! Improve your science!

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Graphing Calculator Toolbar

Enter up to 5 equations into this toolbar, then view the graphs using Firefox native SVG support. The toolbar allows rescaling the x and y coordinates and redefining the domain. Contributions go directly to the Boys & Girls Club.

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Textise Ingen genstart

Creates a text-only version of almost any web page. Great for accessibility, SEO and printing.

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Copy Pure Text

Allows to copy selected text as plain text by adding a 'Copy as Text' menu item to context menu.

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Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies...

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Library Detector Ingen genstart

Detects what javascript libraries are being used on the current page and displays the result as icons with detailed tooltips in the statusbar.

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Sharp Color Picker Ingen genstart

A full featured color selector tool, to work with colors, and easily find the colors you want.

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Interactive Javascript Console for Mozilla Applications Developers

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Export Cookies

Exports all cookies in IE manner.
Makes a Netscape standard cookies.txt file.
Very useful for WGET --load-cookies option.

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Pick That Color Ingen genstart

A simple lightweight addon for selecting any color from web pages. It copies the Hex color code of any pixel that is displayed in your browser to clipboard. Just click the color wheel button near your address bar or press 'Ctrl+Shift+z'.

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Random Agent Spoofer Ingen genstart

Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options

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Octotree Ingen genstart

Add-on to display GitHub code in tree format

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JSON-formatter Ingen genstart

Click addon's icon to quick format JSON document with tabs and new lines.

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User-Agent Switcher Ingen genstart

Quickly and easily switch between popular user-agent strings.

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Take Screenshots, Screen Grab with Online Upload

Capture screen grabs aka screen shots and instantly upload online to ImageBam for easy online sharing and storage.

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Disable Plugin & Mimetype Enumeration Ingen genstart

Prevent sites from grabbing a list of your plugins & mime types.

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Key Manager

KeyManager Tool: Firefox Add-on for Key Generation, Certificate Enrollment, CRL Signing, and Identity and Authority Delegation

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Emoji Cheatsheet Ingen genstart

A reference for the codes to generate Emojis on popular sites like GitHub or Basecamp and Unicode characters for Twitter and Facebook.
Search Emojis by name or view recently selected items. Emojis are automatically copied to the clipboard.

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Yandex Wordstat Assistant Ingen genstart

Расширение, позволяющее значительно ускорить сбор слов с помощью сервиса подбора слова Яндекс (wordstat)

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