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JavaScript Warning Kompatibel med Firefox 57+

You can store websites in a list which are not supposed to execute JavaScript code. If they try to do so the Add-on warns you.

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Textarea Cache Lite Kompatibel med Firefox 57+

Allows to save automatically the content in a text input field.
(Currently not compatibility with Textarea Cache)

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Realtime IP Check

checks your ip periodically via webservice or custom script

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UOL Fórum Enhancer Kræver genstart

Adiciona novas funcionalidades ao forum

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Tab Suspender (Tab Unloader) Kompatibel med Firefox 57+

Automatically suspend (hibernate) inactive tabs to free up system resources

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Копикот.ру - кэшбэк-сайт для онлайн шопинга Kompatibel med Firefox 57+

Теперь Вы не упустите свой кэшбэк!
Возвращайте до 30% за каждую покупку в 1000 магазинах со всего мира. И если даже вы забыли зайти в магазин через кэшбэк-сервис, панель Копикот.ру для браузера Mozilla Firefox обязательно напомнит Вам об этом.

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Tab Auto Refresh Kompatibel med Firefox 57+ Udvalgte

Automatically refresh tabs based on custom time intervals

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Book Burro Kræver genstart

This extension adds a small box to web pages when it determines you are viewing a book. Clicking the box gives you a list of prices at other sites, as well as checking if your library carries the book.

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Feedbackfox Kræver genstart

Feedbackfox ist ein AddOn, mit dem sich die Bewertungen von eBay-Mitgliedern filtern lassen.

Achtung: Da eBay die Filterfunktion nunmehr selbst bereitstellt, ist dieses Plugin nicht mehr notwendig und wird deshalb nicht mehr weiterentwickelt.

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PriceDrop Kræver genstart

An extension which helps you track Amazon product prices and get notifications when they drop.

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image fetcher Kræver genstart

when overing an image with mouse, adds a "save" button in the corner of that image. The aim of this extension is to make it more easy to download images: you don't have to right-click each time you want to download an image from a web page.

Only com...

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Hong Kong Weather Warnings

For peoples in Hong Kong SAR.
It will display current weather information and warnings announced by the Hong Kong Observatory.

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Comic Aggregator Notifier Kræver genstart

A navigation toolbar notifier for http://www.comicagg.com

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HitWicket Kræver genstart

HitWicket is a live cricket score viewer based on ScoreWatch Firefox extension. It shows cricket score updates from CMDN.com in the status bar panel.

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Hütte Nippon 2 Kompatibel med Firefox 57+


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MK Notifier für Model-Kartei Kræver genstart

Notifier fuer Mitglieder der Model-Kartei.de Community.

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Woot! Watcher Kræver genstart

The Original Woot! Watcher. See what's on Woot! (www, tech, home, sport, kids, shirt, wine, sellout, & moofi) *The must have companion for Woot-offs.*

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TopSite - Find Top Sites Kræver genstart

Instant access to the top websites on topics related to the website you are browsing! Search for any topic and find the best sites for this topic.

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AwayFind for Gmail Kræver genstart

From within Gmail or Google Apps, AwayFind for Gmail allows you to choose that certain email addresses or topics are automatically routed to SMS, IM, Voice, or DM.

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Armenian Live Ticker Kræver genstart

Daily news from Armenia. Currency exchange rates. Weather forecast.

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