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Zaqwes screensaver. Dancing Bender Ingen genstart

A basic screensaver for browser. Just for fun. Dancing Bender

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17 brugere

Scriptlet Ingen genstart

The best way to save and use bookmarklets known to man, toolbar buttons.

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62 brugere

BB Salary Calculator Ingen genstart

Shows an estimate of a player's projected salary according to his current skills.

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57 brugere

Textmarker Ingen genstart

Highlighter with different colors, saving options, customizable highlight styles and Ctrl+Z/Y functionality.
Select some text, press M - done.
Changes can be stored in textMarker history for later visits.

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992 brugere

LAMG Live Ingen genstart

An extension that tracks the LookAtMyGaming team on twitch.tv and lets you know who is online. Updates every 5 minutes.

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9 brugere

Lottery Number Generator Ingen genstart

Generates random numbers for various lotteries in the world. Pick numbers for as many tickets as wanted

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11 brugere

DevTools Tweaks

DevTools Tweaks extends the features of the built-in Firefox Devtools.

Adds New Rule, color-picker and Open URL to the inspector. Adds JSON parser to network view in Web Console, and adds hidden options to the options panel.

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102 brugere

OÜI FM Toolbar Ingen genstart

Accédez à OÜI FM et ses webradios OÜI FM Alternatif, OÜI FM Classic Rock, OÜI FM Blues'n'Rock et OÜI FM Rock Indé directement à partir de votre navigateur Firefox

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7 brugere

DFMobile - Forex and CFD Trading Ingen genstart

DFMobile by DF Markets allows you to trade Forex & CFDs from your browser.

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5 brugere

Hotel Price

Hotel Price Find best hotel prices

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2 brugere

Búsqueda en la barra de direcciones en Twitter Ingen genstart

Mozilla Firefox con Twitter te conecta instantáneamente con lo que está sucediendo en el mundo.
Busca personas y temas en Twitter usando @ y # desde la barra de direcciones.

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8 brugere

Contao Tools Ingen genstart

Fügt ein Icon in die Addonleiste unten rechts hinzu. Es zeigt einem bei der entsprechenden Auswahl das 960° Grid an und macht Checkboxen via Auswahlrahmen invertierbar.

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104 brugere

Auto Load New Posts for Google+™ Ingen genstart

Auto Load New Posts

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23 brugere

Lexis State Bill Search Enhancement Ingen genstart

This add-on allows lexis.com customers to review long lists of bills in an easier to read layout.

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Price Pirate

Uncover hidden treasure with PricePirate
Find the best prices for products you want to buy.

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101 brugere

TNT Ingen genstart

An extension that helps you sharing links over twitter and blogs.

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2 brugere

wMean English to Hindi Dictionary

Find English to Hindi Meaning by clicking twice on any word.

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23 brugere

Keyword Provider Ingen genstart

Bye bye (not provided). Keyword Provider Addon makes the keywords you generate searching on Google visible again, no matter whether you are logged in to Google or just using HTTPS for surfing. A simple way to avoid (not provided) data.

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21 brugere

SmilingStart | Socially Responsible Homepage

Receive beautiful images and raise funds for charity every time you open a new tab page for browsing.

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3 brugere

Zaqwes Remover Ingen genstart

Addon that will help you to remove any element from page in one 2 click

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57 brugere