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AlshekyTranslator(Beta)By Mohammed Alsheky

a basic add-on that give a direct access to Google translator by clicking on the icon located in lower right corner

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Reframe It

Reframed allows you to comment on, share and discuss specific moments in video.

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History in Threads

Show browsing history in threads. Search keywords the same way as in Firefox History.

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Shopping Baba

Get Automatic alerts for cashback while shopping online

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Актуальный Навальный

Аддон для обхода блокировки блога Навального в ЖЖ.

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Reverse Tabs

Reverse Tabs takes the current tabs you have open and reverses their order. This makes it easier to manage large amounts of tabs.

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UniText Kræver genstart

Unicode Character Style Replacer

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The Wireless Registry - Wireless Around Me

Wireless Around Me - View wireless signals around you and content associated with them. Crowd-source your own content and contribute information that others can benefit from all around you. Check out www.wirelessregisty.com.

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Simple Amazon DE Search Button - Einfach suchen Kræver genstart

Dieses AddOn macht die Amazon Suche richtig einfach! Ein Klick auf den AmazonButton zeigt Dir die wichtigsten Funktionen und Kategorien! Besonderheit: Markiere ein Wort, klicke auf das Logo im Plugin und lass die Ergebnisse auf Amazon DE anzeigen!

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BalaLIKEa: бонусы и скидки

Балалайка — это сервис геймификации программ лояльности.
С помощью нашего плагина вы сможете получать уведомления с новыми заданиями и миссиями. Вы также сможете отслеживать свой проргесс, статус и достижения не заходя в личный кабинет на сайте.

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Affinity For Tracker Add-On

Tracker integration to Laserfiche using Affinity

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RotoGrinders Baseball Reference

Adds Daily Fantasy Scoring Columns to Baseball-Reference.com

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Smaller Firefox

Makes stuff smaller to save space. Smaller Firefox compress navigation and tab toolbars. Restartless.

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The Super Clock

The Super Clock is a beautiful clock

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This is a funny "Lorem Ipsum" plugin about famous Brazilian humorous actor and musician called Mussum. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mussum)

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Stacks - link sender

When you find something on the web that you want to share with your friend, send it with Stacks. It is a simple tool to share links directly and privately.

No posting on Facebook, Tweets or Likes, just privately link sharing.


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Wink Links to LinkyWink for your follows to see and discuss.

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Quick Links

Lets you add iconic links to your favorite sites to your add-on bar from where you can quickly access the sites

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Your Own Search Bar

Save your time - quick and easy.

1. Right-click in search box, select 'Save Website to (Y)our Own Search Bar ...'
2. A few settings
3. Enter keyword to search

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Accelerate use of Contrast-Finder to find good colors for contrasts in web accessibility (a11y).

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