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Toolbar Buttons Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Adds toolbar buttons to the customize toolbar window in several programs including Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Some of the buttons make commonly preformed actions quicker, others add new functionality.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (322)
130.423 brugere

QrCodeR Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Encode selection, links and images to QrCode with right-click.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (65)
8.704 brugere

Video Resumer Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last. Without this extension, for example, when you click through YouTube videos, back and forth, they always start from the beginning.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (55)
17.041 brugere

Password Tags Udvalgte

Adds metadata and sortable tags to the password manager.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (6)
3.216 brugere

Mind the Time Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Keep track of how much time you spend on the web, and where you spend it. A toolbar ticker shows the time spent at the current site or the total time spent on the web today. A summary page sums up data for the past 70 days, 10 weeks, and 6 months.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (86)
16.017 brugere

CookieKeeper Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Extended Cookie Manager - Keep only wanted cookies.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (55)
16.400 brugere

Beyond Australis Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Australis was the code name for the current Firefox theme, it aimed to make a great browser look awesome. Now you can go one step further and also make it feel awesome to use!

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (277)
36.070 brugere

Google search link fix Ingen genstart Udvalgte

This extension prevents Google and Yandex search pages from modifying search result links when you click them. This is useful when copying links but it also helps privacy by preventing the search engines from recording your clicks.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (125)
73.577 brugere

User-Agent Switcher Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Quickly and easily switch between popular user-agent strings.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (20)
52.323 brugere

Stylish Udvalgte

Gendesign internettet med Stylish, en user styles manager.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (809)
511.052 brugere

Add Google Search To New Tab Page Udvalgte

An extension that adds a Google search box to the standard Firefox new tab page

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (25)
33.565 brugere

AdBlock for YouTube™ Ingen genstart Udvalgte

AdBlock for YouTube™ removes all annoying Ads from YouTube

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (28)
297.715 brugere

Add to Search Bar Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Make any pages' search functionality available in the Search Bar (or "search box")...

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (636)
84.184 brugere

F.B. Purity - Cleans Up Facebook Ingen genstart Udvalgte

F.B. Purity hides the ads, app spam and other annoying clutter from your facebook news feed, lets you increase the font size, change colours plus many more features and generally makes Facebook a lot less annoying to use.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (85)
46.862 brugere

Slim Add-ons Manager Ingen genstart Udvalgte

The Add-ons Manager slims down!
This add-on reduces the height of entries in the Add-on Manager, so you can display more of them at a time.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (47)
10.221 brugere

Privacy Settings Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Alter Firefox's built-in privacy settings easily with a toolbar panel.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (39)
16.836 brugere

Bluhell Firewall Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector.

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (268)
137.715 brugere

Fastest Search - Browse/Search Faster! Ingen genstart Udvalgte

Search/browse faster than ever! Ctrl-Shift-F for whole-word/regex/all tabs/diacritic search;Create custom engines;Select-n-search with Smart SearchBox;Preview results;Auto copy plain text, drag-n-drop save images/open links. http://y2u.be/gDlLrVZ54L0

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner (159)
8.863 brugere

gtranslate Ingen genstart Udvalgte

With gtranslate you can translate any text in a web page just by selecting and right-clicking over it. The extension uses the Google translation services to translate the text.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (504)
87.685 brugere

Greasemonkey Udvalgte

Customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript.

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner (983)
1.341.939 brugere