• Tangerine

    Icons from the Tango Desktop Project. It is a variant of the "Tango" theme for use with Ubuntu themes. See more details at the "Tango" info...
    30 brugere
  • New Wave

    This a theme that help integrating the popular GTK theme New Wave into Firefox. This skin can only be used with the New Wave GTK theme because I tried to make the skin as dynamic as possible thus removing the unique look with other GTK themes and ke...
    24 brugere
  • Ubuntu Tango Theme

    Ubuntu Tango Theme. This theme use the Tango icon from Ubuntu...
    20 brugere
  • StrataStripeStripe

    StrataStripe ( + more Winestripe (directory icons, tabs).
    19 brugere
  • DeLorean_varNaM-Firefox

    A metalic colored theme for Linux Gnome-Desktop. This theme is intended to be used with the DeLorean_varNaM Gtk Themes.
    14 brugere

    An attempt to refresh XP's highly recognizable icons with a more Vista feel.
    14 brugere
  • Safari Blue

    修改自GrApple Yummy (blue) 1.0.4的Safari主题,默认为Lucida Grande,可以到我的主页下载默认字体版本。
    10 brugere
  • StrataM

    Restores icon colours from the default XP theme to the Aero theme.
    9 brugere
  • ShineGUI 1.0

    A shiny bright metallic theme started from an opera theme.
    6 brugere