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  • Vista-aero

    The most IE8-like theme with Vista Aero style!
    7.630 brugere

    An attempt to refresh XP's highly recognizable icons with a more Vista feel.
    4 brugere
  • VSTheme

    Changes the appearance of firefox to resemble visual studio
    29 brugere
  • W3v8 for Firefox

    W3V8, based on the IBM Intranet style (W3 v8.0) and Nautipolis (with icons from art.gnome.org).
    Check out the Tools/Options dialog!
    Includes support for many extensions, icluding downloadstatusbar, tabsidebar, all-in-sidebar, stumble-upon, downloadmg...
    100 brugere
  • Walnut for Firefox

    Walnut for a wooden look and feel. Walnut is a complete skin redesign so that all windows, widgets, panels, and many extensions have a wooden look and feel.

    Install the About Home Themer extension to also theme the about:home page.
    26.556 brugere
  • Walnut2 for Firefox

    Walnut2, based on icons from art.gnome.org. Includes support for help, inspector, downloadstatusbar, downloadmgr, calendar, quicknote, offline, toolbarext. and many other extensions. Install "About Home Themer" to also theme the about:home page.
    13.901 brugere
  • White Fiber

    White Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    3 brugere
  • Whitehart

    Whitehart delivers simplicity and unobtrusiveness so you can concentrate in the content that is what matters. It provides configuration from an integrated control panel.
    749 brugere
  • Windows Classic for Firefox

    Windows Classic Theme of Firefox for Linux
    41 brugere
  • Winestripe Realfox

    Realfox. the browser, reloaded, again!

    This skin makes Firefox 3 look like Firefox 1.5.
    69 brugere
  • Winestripe Realfox 4

    Realfox. The browser, reloaded, forever!

    This skin makes Firefox look like Firefox 1.5.
    562 brugere
  • Winstripe Classic

    Winstripe Classic icons integrated into Firefox
    110 brugere
  • X-Mas

    This Theme makes your Browser suitable for the Christmas Time including animated Snowfall upon the Toolbar, animated Toolbar Icons (Smoking Chimney, Present, Fir Tree), Fairy Lights as Scrollbars and many more...
    70 brugere
  • X-Mas (Light)

    This Theme makes your Browser suitable for the Christmas Time including Snowflakes, animated Toolbar Icons (Present, Fir Tree, Smoking Chimney), Fairy Lights as Scrollbars and many more...
    18 brugere
  • XboxFox

    A theme created for 360 users, by a 360 user, with 360 buttons etc...

    You get the idea.
    Whilst this addon is now incompatible with the later versions of Firefox for Windows, I have had email reports of people saying it is behaving fine on linux.
    129 brugere
  • Xmas

    Celebrate the holiday season with this fun & festive Christmas theme!
    49 brugere