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Adblock Plus af Wladimir Palant

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner 4.932 anmeldelser

20.045.160 brugere

Træt af reklamer? Nervøs for sporing? Irriteret over bannere? Installer Adblock Plus nu for at tage kontrollen over internettet tilbage og ændre måden du ser nettet på.

En kort videopræsentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNvb2SjVjjI

Video DownloadHelper af mig

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner 5.548 anmeldelser

4.584.487 brugere

The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.

Firebug af Joe Hewitt, Jan Odvarko, andre

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner 1.783 anmeldelser

2.242.706 brugere

Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page...

DownThemAll! af Nils Maier, Federico Parodi, andre

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner 1.598 anmeldelser

1.327.805 brugere

The first and only download manager/accelerator built inside Firefox!

Ghostery af José María Signanini, Brad McDermott

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner 1.177 anmeldelser

1.416.897 brugere

Protect your privacy. See who's tracking your web browsing and block them with Ghostery.

Greasemonkey af Anthony Lieuallen, Aaron Boodman, andre

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner 956 anmeldelser

1.224.574 brugere

Customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript.

NoScript Security Suite af Giorgio Maone

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner 1.496 anmeldelser

2.162.209 brugere

Den bedste sikkerhed du kan få i en browser! Tillad kun aktivt indhold at køre fra websteder du har tillid til og beskyt dig selv mod XXS og klik-kaprings-angreb.

FlashGot Mass Downloader af Giorgio Maone

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner 494 anmeldelser

919.087 brugere

Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers.

Web of Trust, WOT: Website Reputation Ratings af WOT Services

Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5 stjerner 1.629 anmeldelser

1.013.394 brugere

Find out which websites you can trust. WOT adds intuitive traffic light-style icons next to search results and URLs so you can decide whether to visit a site:
• Green – The site is trusted
• Yellow – Be cautious
• Red – Online threats detected

LastPass Password Manager af LastPass, Andrew Zitnay

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner 1.227 anmeldelser

500.665 brugere

LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Stylish af Jason Barnabe

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner 746 anmeldelser

660.532 brugere

Gendesign internettet med Stylish, en user styles manager.

User Agent Switcher af chrispederick

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner 248 anmeldelser

362.938 brugere

The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.

NetVideoHunter af netvideohunter

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner 359 anmeldelser

258.995 brugere

This add-on is a downloader that lets you easily download videos from sites like Youtube, Facebook, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Break, VKontakte and music for example from SoundCloud, Grooveshark and from many other sites...

QuickJava af Doug G

Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner 251 anmeldelser

256.169 brugere

Allows quick enable and disable of Java, Javascript, Cookies, Image Animations, Flash, Silverlight, Images, Stylesheets and Proxy from the Toolbar. This is great for increasing security or decreasing bandwidth.

Tab Mix Plus af onemen, Gary Reyes

Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner 2.528 anmeldelser

894.682 brugere

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more. It also includes a full-featured session manager.
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