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  • Попытка реализации "сетевой демократии". Не идеальная, но уж какая есть! :) Кто может лучше - пусть сделает лучше...
  • Misleading release notes.

    Do not blindly, lazily copy-and-paste from one version to the next.

    Instead, please publish notes that are meaningful – so that changes to your code can be audited.



    Hi! Thanks for your feedback - we've fixed the description.
    That's happened Due to the proximity between the releases, we hadn't changed the description.
    We hope this meets your request, and you'll consider changing your review.
  • I like seeing WoT ratings on each link before I click it, but I wish it didn't interfere with rendering web content. For instance, on Facebook, many third-party embedded images are cut off by the WoT extension. I tried adding an exception for Facebook, but it isn't being honored.
    Hey, Thanks for your feedback.
    We have passed on your note to our RnD team for further investigation and we'll be in touch soon.
    Please contact us directly via support.mywot.com and we'll try to solve the problem together.
  • Great! Only one time the ratings were wrong, for filehorse.com, it was a bad website, and it gave me viruses, but I easily cleaned them! Otherwise AWESOME!
  • Is a "must" for your safe browsing , and if you are an expert please use it to inform others on the spot!
    Thank you! We're glad we could keep you safe online!
  • its awesome
  • Why like the security from WOT service
    Thank you! We're glad we could keep you safe online!
  • У данного дополнения очень плохая оптимизация, после его установки появляются тормоза замедляющие всю работу браузера, особенно во время запуска, страницы начинают подтормаживать при скролинге, порой перемещение по странице идет рывками. И всё более усугубляется если у вас открыто много вкладок. Старые версии дополнения работали куда стабильней.
    Тhis add-on has very poor optimization, after its installation brakes appear that slow down the entire browser, especially during startup, pages start to slow down when scrolling, sometimes moving around the page goes jerky. And it gets worse if you have a lot of tabs open. Old versions of the add-on worked much more stable.
    Здравствуйте, спасибо за отзыв, и нам жаль слышать о вашем опыте. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами напрямую через https://support.mywot.com/, и мы постараемся решить проблему вместе.
    Hello, Thanks for the feedback and we're sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us directly via https://support.mywot.com/ and we'll try to solve the problem together.
  • This would be a useful extension if it were well written. Unfortunately, it isn't. It's uses slow, annoying dialog windows that disappear when they lose focus. The options presented are not well thought out. Etc. Another problem is that the community is irresponsible about what they are reporting, so you can't rely on the ratings. A lot of web sites reported to be "unsafe" are actually perfectly safe sites expressing a legitimate political viewpoint the reviewer disagrees with. On the other hand, many sites that are truly problematic have high ratings because they entice users with something entertaining.
    Hi, Thanks for the feedback and we're sorry to hear about your experience. We're now developing a new version and algorithm to help WOT show more accurate data. Stay tuned! and please contact us directly via https://support.mywot.com/ we would like to hear more.