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Privacy Policy - Web Search Optimizer

Your personal information will be used to provide you with the services that you have requested. These information may also be used to operate and improve our technology and service by auditing, research and analysis. None of your details will be passed to a third party.

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What are Web Search Optimizer Sponsored Links?

For some search terms, Web Search Optimizer will insert sponsored links into the Google and Bing search results (labeled as 'Sponsored by Web Search Optimizer'). For this feature Web Search Optimizer connects to the server gk.web-search-optimizer.com. The server will try and send back sponsored links that fit with the search term.

Why Sponsored Links?

The administration and development of the Web Search Optimizer cost real money. We have a team of two developers and one designer who constantly try to improve the program and add additional features for our users. The sponsored links will hopefully help to cover the costs.

What data is sent to the Web Search Optimizer server when a Sponsored Link is requested?

The Sponsored lins are requested via the HTTP protocol, this request will contain the following information:

  • The keyword for the advertisement (for example: samsung galaxy s3)
  • A hash value to validate the request.
  • The design for the advertisement (e.g. Bing and Google advertisement is designed differently)
  • Whether the keyword has changed or is still the same like in the previous request.
  • Request time of the last request (Advertisement is only sent in defined intervals.)

Every HTTP request contains the above data, and is sent in JSON.

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