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  • Excellent adblocker. Does everything I need it to do.
  • hate to even think of browsing with it! Ads have become too overbearing and the success of ublockorigin is direct proof.
  • Ótima! Ouvir os mantras sem cortes, e assistir vídeos sem interrupções é o melhor, gratidão aos desenvolvedores🙏.
  • Block html/URL

  • Every blocker has admitted that they can block ads without letting the website know but only uBlock does it. So I support software companies that support the user and not the internet government. AKA Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, or Baidu.
  • Good and lean blocker for tracking and ads … and anything else you'd like to get rid of. Essential these days.
  • It's hard to over-state how important this add-on is. For years now, it has worked flawlessly to protected me from the worst excesses of the ad-tech industry. Without it, much of the web would simply be unusable. Thanks!