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  • It is a really helpful and customisable script blocker. In advanced mode, I can really allow ads to support the web content authors while keep trackers and unwanted scripts away!
  • More and more I appreciate this addon.Thanks to all contributors.
  • I love seeing people rating one star with a problem that's entirely their own fault or just plain dumb.
    With that out of the way: this is the real ublockOrigin by Raimond Hill (Gorhill), it's a multipurpose blocker but not only made for blocking ads and functions as a firewall in your browser. Blockers like these work by using "Filterlists" that are maintained by specific people. If you say "this addon dumb not blocking youtube, having whitelist must deinstall" then that's not on ublockOrigin but rather on yourself. Try at least reading some settings, you will be soon to see that you can do a whole lot of stuff with this piece of software.
  • хорошо
  • ⭐ Lightweight.
    ⭐ Doesn't have paid whitelist.
    ⭐ Open source.
    ⭐ Great developer.
  • Supper
  • La amo, elimina todas las add's pop, loa nuncios molestos y las cookies indeseables!! es maravillosa!!