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  • Great, thank you for all your works.

    I also use it as a noscript addon.
    It is really great.

    Also i had performance issues in my android device with low amount of RAM and deselected parse cosmetic filtering and it becomes far more efficient.

    In desktop i can't be without this addon.

    I have very much cosmetic filters as i am a eye sensitive person such as webannoyance, fanboy, and especially very much cookie dialog filterlists.

    If i had a fraction of this lists in other addons they probably kill my devices :/

    Web is not usable without this great addon.

    Thank you very much.
  • Imprescindible.
  • It has everything any other adblock extension has plus more, so much more.
  • Intéressant
  • Best Ad Blocker out there. I wouldn't surf the web without it.
  • What can I say that has not already been said. Fantastic add-on that allows for such versatility, user configuration, and excellent performance!