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  • Definitely the best performing and most trustworthy ad-blocker on the internet. Ad-block plus is great, but uBlock allows for more tweaking and is not as destructive and performance taxing as uBlock.

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  • I like this add-on when it works. I don't have to deal with the pop ups and all the add on the web pages i go to, but for two time in this month this app will for no reason stop working and i have to deal with all that
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  • I have always loved uBlock origin but I recently have came across an issue with YouTube. YouTube has appears to have beaten you. Feels bad man. Ads are no longer blocked on YouTube. Once it works again I'll make sure to come back with a 5 star <3
  • uBlock on ff66.0.5 started to block everything. not loading any webpage anymore. i had to switch it off.
  • Great, thank you for all your works.

    I also use it as a noscript addon.
    It is really great.

    Also i had performance issues in my android device with low amount of RAM and deselected parse cosmetic filtering and it becomes far more efficient.

    In desktop i can't be without this addon.

    I have very much cosmetic filters as i am a eye sensitive person such as webannoyance, fanboy, and especially very much cookie dialog filterlists.

    If i had a fraction of this lists in other addons they probably kill my devices :/

    Web is not usable without this great addon.

    Thank you very much.