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I am the author of the ParanoidKit collection, A featured collection on AMO with +700 followers.

I first must apologize for being a bit rash and careless to the developer. Specifically, I was about 2 months late recieving an email and contact number from the team explaining my prior concerns on this add-on. This reflects very poorly on my part and consequently, may have damaged the add-on's reputation as well. I will continue my review, unbaised over past failures and move forward, but it wouldn't feel right without first disclosing that information.

After heavily scurtinizing the addon, I had my questions answered shortly after my previous post.

Expect for the commercial feel, and some minimal privacy concerns. I feel pretty confident the guys at have a competent dev team that keeps current with todays privacy issues... so I feel comfortable recommending the add-on, but wish to advise no system is perfect.

This system has 2 weakness:

1) A unique cookie is used to store user prefs instead of updating the add-on every x days (which is fairly reasonable). The cookie stays presistant even when you clear cookies as well. :-/

However, PrivacyChoice seems pretty strict and straight forward on how they wish this data to be handled otherwise. :-\

2) This add-on is dependant on the team that creates its rules. This isn't so much a weakness or failure, but it would be nice to see more community driven stuff. I guess you always welcome to address the dev with you concerns or findings.

Aside from the commercial feel, I have no other complaints, and see this as a well made add-on that gets my nod. I will keep this add-on under further (good) consideration in the future.

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