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Waleed GadElKareem

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Hvorfor blev Torrent Finder Toolbar lavet?

The idea is to collect all torrent websites into a single search website then this toolbar. I personally enjoy searching and using bit torrent and was using a small script to do so then I found out people would like to use it so I created the website and the toolbar.
I continuously update the sites list to bring the best of torrent search to the website and the toolbar.

Hvad kommer som det næste for Torrent Finder Toolbar

I am planning to create all in one search engine aiosearch.com that would do what this toolbar but with all kinds of search engines. AIO Search is web2 ready and very customizable in many ways. The projects is currently 70% completed.

Om udvikleren

Information om udvikleren
Navn Waleed GadElKareem
Sted Egypt
Hjemmeside http://gadelkareem.com/
Bruger siden March 5, 2007
Antal udviklede tilføjelser 2 tilføjelser
Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse af udviklerens tilføjelser Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5 stjerner