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Version 30.1 kB Virker med Firefox 7.0 og nyere

New features (can all be turned off via the options panel by going to Tools / Add-ons in FireFox):

  • drag to resize the telly window and the video will resize itself to fit (now you don't even have to zoom in and out)
  • button panel can follow the telly window (not available or necessary on mac)
  • can now handle pages with multiple videos. 'previous/next video' buttons appear when multiple videos are found, or the keyboard shortcuts (crtl+alt+left/right arrows) can be used
  • can dig a bit deeper to find extra videos on some pages although this does have a side-effect making it more likely to find things that aren't video (technically it includes iframes in the list of valid objects and accepts more unusual aspect ratios)

  • removed useless code remnant related to 'maximized window' kludge
  • Version 25.3 kB Virker med Firefox 7.0 og nyere


  • Video in iframes was not being detected. Now the code treats an iframe as a video object and fits the window around it. To keep things simple the internals of the iframe are not scanned. In testing so far this seems to be working adequately.
  • Version 25.3 kB Virker med Firefox 7.0 og nyere


  • Maximised windows are now handled correctly
  • Version 25.2 kB Virker med Firefox 7.0 og nyere


  • Improved installation experience, user is asked where/if they would like to insert the toolbar button
  • Hotkeys for zooming in and out (PC: Ctrl + Alt + Up/down arrows, Mac: Cmd + Opt + Up/down arrows)

  • Fixes:

  • When no video is found on a page, the feedback message is now less obtrusive (appears as a popup instead of an alert)
  • Version 17.2 kB Virker med Firefox 7.0 og nyere


  • zoom feature - you can now change the size of the video

  • Fixes:

  • window wasn't restoring back to original size properly
  • now using sprites for all button states instead of swapping images
  • shortened internal id prefixes from firmgentlytellyfit to tellyfit
  • Version 19.4 kB Virker med Firefox 7.0 og nyere

  • gives user feedback when no video is found on the page
  • added rollover states to buttons
  • inserts a toolbar button in the nav bar on first run
  • when cancelling telly mode and restoring original window size, if the window was maximised before entering telly mode restore it slightly smaller. If we restored to maximised size, the titlebar button would not reflect this (it would still show a large square indicating the window is not maximised) and this could confuse the user

  • Bugs fixed:
  • changed hotkey to use 'accel' so it works on other platforms/keyboard layouts
  • removed any zero sized files from package
  • changed non-namespaced ID "key1" to "firmgentlytellyfit-hotkey-toggle"
  • ensured no debugging messages were being sent to the browser
  • Version 0.5.1-signed.1-signed 16.7 kB Virker med Firefox 4.0 og nyere