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  • I've only used this for a few weeks but I feel like this add-on has changed the way I browse already. It's wonderful to save sessions for different purposes, like one session of looking at Emulation websites, one session for seeing sites about a certain game/show or another session for my work/email. No longer do I have to keep one of each around to switch to a different kind of browsing and have the associated memory usage. I can open my browser to a single new tab and use session manager to find the session I want to use. I give it 4 instead of 5 due to a IndexDB issue which thankfully solved itself upon browser reboot, it hasn't popped up again but it does pose a reliability issue for the add-on.

    Highly recommended, should be a feature for stock browsers in the future IMO.
  • 保存したバックアップの読み込み方がわかりません。
  • As one of the early adopters, I have been using this add-on from the time Quantum disabled "Sessions Manager". Over a year, this add-on has come close to the functionality of the "sessions manager" add-on by Michael Kraft. I must commend the dev, sienori on his relentless efforts through regular updates in helping the Firefox community. Kudos to the work! The only grouse I have though is that sometimes, I get the IndexDB erroe which surprisingly, automatically resolves itself in a few days. Can't blame for it. Have a good one dev! Cheers.
  • Each time I need it it is broken : IndexedDB Error.
    So it is totaly useless
  • Frequent updates & nice, clean interface. Haven't had any problems.
  • IndexedDB Error is not solvable using tips from their github page. I lost whole history, every tab I had open. If you want to have a bad day install and use it.
  • Makes functions more accessible!
  • сделайте возможность, чтобы в пользовательские сессии можно было добавлять отдельные вкладки
    make it possible to add individual tabs to existing user sessions
  • Hi, Thank you for the hard work. This add isn't perfect but I'm still very glad it's there. There are a few things to improve:
    - recently my tabs close for no reasons (I had a session with 500 tabs, now after closing and re-opening it I only have 300).
    - If I just desactivate (just desactivate, not remove) Tab Session Manager, all the tabs close except the active one (by windows).
    If you could just solve this please. Despite this I think it's a cool addon, really easy to use. I really like the fact that all tabs don't load unless activate and yet you still have the small icon of the website, not the mozilla icon, which is currently my problem with MySession (that and the fact that it won't open my tabs ^^)
    So thanks for the hard work, really !
  • Hi, this Addon is very useful, but can you please fix the display of the "favicon"? if my session is restored, all tab-icons are missing. They'll refresh when i click on tab, but i want them always. Thank you!!