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Version 178.3 KiB Virker med Firefox 15.0 - 56.*

Quick fix.
Initial muting no longer works, as a result, you may very rarely hear sound from videos for a split second.

Version 165.7 KiB Virker med Firefox 14.0 - 17.*

Fixed compatibility issue with Firefox 17

Version 151.9 KiB Virker med Firefox 10.0 - 17.0a1

Added option to prevent buffering (preloading) of videos

Version 151.8 KiB Virker med Firefox 10.0 - 16.0a1

Playlist autoplay can now be disabled.

This is an almost complete rewrite of the add-on, fixing several bugs:

  • Videos on user pages are now paused too.
  • Videos no longer play muted for a few seconds before being paused and rewound. The pausing is near-instantaneous.
  • When you click on the YouTube link in an embedded video to watch it on YouTube, the add-on will no longer rewind the video to the beginning, allowing you to continue watching where you left off.

Version 150.6 KiB Virker med Firefox 10.0 - 16.0a1

Removed debug message

Version 150.6 KiB Virker med Firefox 10.0 - 15.0a1

New options:
  • Let videos autoplay in foreground tab
  • Start playing videos opened in background tabs when switching to them