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  • Firefox just gets worse and worse with time. All the good addons breaks and are not replaced with anything in Firefox. A feature like always being able to see the actual URL adress of links on the fly is an absolute necessity in my opinion. Take for example links in mails, to quickly determine with safety that it is not a scam link leading you to a fishing site we could, with the help of this addon, just hover over the link and see what the URL was, and if not legit then not click it. There's no easy way to do this in firefox without this addon.

    It saddens me to say it but I believe my Firefox using days are coming to an end. Mozilla seems hell bent on scaring off quality conscious users.
  • I miss it so much in Quantum.
  • Indispensable quand Firefox quantum sera-t-il de nouveau compatible ?
  • Dammit! It was great as long as it lasted. I can't see how I could ever use an webbrowser without a decent statusbar. It's just a basic and indispensable feature for conscious computer users.
    Firefox sucks and is completely useless crap now.
    Does anyone know an alternative browser that hasn't been dumbed down to hell, yet?
  • 1 star for No compatible with FF 57. 5 star for FF 56
  • very good to know website information.
  • Working fine with Waterfox 56.2.0 on FreeBSD-CURRENT.

    Compatible extensions include:

    - ArchView

    - Cache Status

    - ScrollyFox
  • Hope this add-on will be updated for firefox quantum, i really miss it :)
  • No compatible with FF 57 (64 bits)
  • Useful for apps that still use the statusbar in the bottom (I'm using asterisk click2dial, a very good addons to cut&paste the phone number to be called using Asterisk PBX).
    It's a pity that doesn't work with Firefox Quantum
  • I really miss this extension after updating to Firefox 57. Very irritating that none of our legacy add-ons work now. Not cool for Firefox to do this. I sure hope S4E gets updated.
  • Great app! Ver 2017.08.20.15 works fine in Waterfox 55.2(based in FF55)
  • This add-on is not compatible with Firefox 57. Update, please :)
  • Spero solo che riescano a rimetterlo in Firefox 57 Quantum perchè e molto utile vedere il caricamento della pagina a volte sei li che aspetti e non sai se sta caricando
  • yes,it is good
  • To those hoping for a chromeFox past 57 version, nope not gonna happen as Mozilla totally axxed Firefox UI customization so not gonna happen!!!

    Still I'm happy using this on Firefox ESR 52 until next year and totally not use Firefox after that.
  • Hoping for a Firefox 57 (and beyond) compatible version soon.
  • Hoping for a Firefox 57 update :( I miss this addon
  • Vivement une mise à jour pour FF57
    Bravo à l'équipe pour ce module !!!
  • Please Upgrade Extension For Firefox 57
  • I love tis!
    Upgrade to Firefox Quantum please.
  • Must-have add-on, thanks!
  • PLEASE PLEASE make this compatible with Quantum . . . .. . .
  • I am seriously thinking to start using Waterfox for now. Firefox 57 unleashed the legions of hell today, everything stopped working the way it used to and all functionality is gone... Please bring this extenstion back.
  • Extremely helpful! I don't like dynamically changing borders of the viewport and vanishing places of information display. I hope this is possible for FF 57+, too.