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  • This is the first time I've downloaded a theme like this. I usually just use single-color boring themes lol. This theme is really cool, though, so I couldn't stop myself from downloading it!
    Thanks, Kougeru. Welcome to themes! You can find many great themes and am happy you have joined the crowd.
  • Really Beautiful and easy to see, I have bad eyes and this I can see without my glasses. Love to all...Kitten
    Thanks, VaperKitten. Really pleased you like this.
  • Absolutely love the design and works really well for mobile Firefox which was what I've used the theme on for a while now. Only minor nitpick would be the search and URL bars, I am still able to see specific parts of it such as when the site I visit is verified (green). Otherwise, a very wonderful theme for those wanting something easy on their eyes and not too bright in terms of color.
    Thanks, Julie. I am happy you like the theme anyway.