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Version 2.9.6 65.6 kB Virker med Firefox 34.0 og nyere

Compatibility update for Firefox 34 to 42 (thanks to White Alice)

Version 65.8 kB Virker med Firefox 4.0 og nyere

Due to a bug in Firefox 23 (v. 22 still works) the document.location property is unavailable, at least at the early binding stage. Fixing FF 23 bug which caused option "Also disarm event listeners" to fail.

Version 65.6 kB Virker med Firefox 4.0 og nyere

- fixed: miscellaneous issues with FF 17

Version 61.4 kB Virker med Firefox 1.5 og nyere

- FF option 'Allow scripts to disable or replace context menus' no longer deactivated by RightToClick
- added new check-box to change above mentioned FF option directly in RightToClick
- option 'Also disarm event-listeners' now enabled by default

Version 60.4 kB Virker med Firefox 1.5 og nyere

v 2.8.7:
- Fixes for bugs introduced with the previous version

v 2.8.6:
- 'Also disarm event-listeners' now works according to the other user configuration on the same tab !
- added support for more handlers (integrated in the existing groups)
- removed option for alert box replacement for FF4 (now natively supported by FF)
- new information tab, added a basic help (will be enhanced in future versions)
- fixed bug where some options were forgotten by RightToClick

Version 56.3 kB Virker med Firefox 1.5 og nyere

Firefox 4 compatibility
new permanent options
GUI sizing follows em sizes (text size)
added support for screen readers

Version 2.8.1 52.2 kB Virker med Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b8pre

- Bugfix: Feedback (lashing icon) did not work if no toolbarbutton added to toolbar
- Firefox 4.x.pre compatibility
- improved RightToClick toolbar button since Firefox 4 is expected to remove the statusbar (say no!)
- added option to hide the RightToClick statusbar icon anyways
- some small fixes

Version 2.7.2 35.8 kB Virker med Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

+ the option disarm event-listeners now uses a much more effective algorithm, allowing right-click/context almost everywhere, frames are no longer reloaded, activate this option for example to restore missing context-menus, to stop sites from opening the black full screen canvas on picture presentation
+ updated and added new handlers to the main groups, e.g. to stop a kind of scrolling page elements
+ statusbar-icon now turns red in case of important problems / improved error handling
~ Disable mouse-click handlers now checked by default
- fixed image-fetch bug, background images are included now (and more small fixes)

Write a manual on how to use the options,
so that unexperienced users can take advantage of it

Version 2.5 29.7 kB Virker med Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

Added option to extract images from websites
Redesigned GUI

Version 1.3 16.4 kB Virker med Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

added function to protect from cascading dialog popups