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Незаменимое дополнение, особенно выручает когда надо просмотреть кучу сайтов, получается намного быстрее без загрузки графики, ну а когда нужный сайт найден двумя щелчками мыши можно разблокировать показ изображений.
И еще масса опций.

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Mit Script-Blockern kann man zwar generell Scripts blocken, aber weder selektiv auf einer Web-Site noch andere Resourcen wie Tracking-Pixel etc. Ich wünschte mir sehnsüchtig ein Plugin, mit dem man einstellen kann domain-x.com darf domain-y.com laden. Jetzt hab ich es gefunden, das schließt nun die letzte systematische Lücke beim Browsen. Zusammen mit NoScript, Cookie Monster und AdBlock Plus ist nun Schluss mit lustig.

request everyone install this or enforce by policy Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

This is a must have along with adBLOCK edge and (beef taco or ghostery) and NOscript and (greasemonkey or scriptish)

Perusing the interweb without any filtering is almost as foolish as using outdated sms texting when zero-cost xmpp texting is available for every device.

Even if you're a facetard you can learn to use RequestPolicy. Wisely tinker to restore essential functionality only

Hopefully the developer or a forker will ad subscription functionality to encourage more widespread usage. I'm confident many of the adblock subscription maintainers would happily release f/oss subscriptions for RequestPolicy -- especially for online finance and webmail should one's contracts with such be at least sensible with respect to the high value of user privacy and not be raping it for profit by default.

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Works like a charm!

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Used this, but after a while switched it to accept all by default. have still kept it installed though ... wish there were a middle road (between allow all and bug me with a million notices) for a n00b like me :)

Не работают стрелки начиная с Firefox 27 Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Не знаю что случилось, но начиная с 27 версии RequestPolicy не позволяет загружаться вкладкам после восстановления сессии, а также не работают стрелки, то есть не работает переход на предыдущую страницу (-ы). К моему большому сожалению вынужден отказаться от данного расширения. Буду ждать, может исправят.

not working well with firefox 27 Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

only shows up some sites to block or allow. and i noticed this when i went to animefreak and only 2-3 requests show up instead of 8-9.

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Essential part of my web security. Allows me to choose which cross-site requests are permitted (and makes me wonder sometimes why these webmasters think they need to connect to so many other sites!) Doesn't interfere with NoScript specifically, but allowing scripts from the site is not the same as allowing connection to that site. To enable both, you have to choose both, but it doesn't seem to matter whether you enable scripts first or cross-site first. One of the first plugins I add to any new installation of Firefox.

Doesn't work properly with Firefox 27 Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

this is one of the most important addons i use.
i use requestpolicy 1.0.1a1 from the authors website.

though there were no updates for a long time the addon still worked like a charme.
even after countless firefox updates.

but now it seems like the time has come where it doesnt work properly anymore.

if i update to firefox 27 it wont show most of the blocked requests that it did with firefox 26 and below.

seems like the author disbanded from this project and there will never be any updates.

too bad, now i am in a dilemma and dont know if i will stay on firefox 26 or update to firefox 27 and live without request policy.

maybe i will find another addon with the same ability that is working. at least i hope so.

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For me one of the most important add-ons for Firefox. I used it for years, then tried other solutions, but came back to it.

It's like a firewall, blocks all 3rd party sites, most ads and tracking scripts, which makes surfing more secure and much faster. This makes the bloated Adblock Plus/ Edge redundant (for me). Great in conjunction with NoScript, which gives the perfect security suite.

Yes, you have to do a little work to whitelist at the beginning, like NoScript. So it will probably not be for the average user, who will be stressed out. But in the end it will give you great security and a faster and less annoying web experience.

Denne bruger har en tidligere anmeldelse af denne tilføjelse.

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This is awesome. After Adblock and its thousands of filters made my browser next to useless, I switched to this whitelisting approach. A little harder to use but much faster.

Useful, simple and gives a very good summary/summary on headed pages Bedømmelse: 4 ud af 5 stjerner

I use it some months now and must say, its great to know all the sites which want to crawl into my browsers cache (and maybe somewhere else)!
The placeholders for i.e. images are great. If you hover over a placeholder, you can read the source of the image and then decide to switch that site on in the preferences very quickly.

I'm only missing a sync feature. Im-/Exporting is possible though, but I'm working with my MAC the whole day and after work its very inconvenient/time-consuming to export and import the black- or whitelist to my PC

Beside this, its a great addon and its greatly helps users to get a clue whats "behind" the page, they're surfing!

Denne bruger har en tidligere anmeldelse af denne tilføjelse.

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Very nifty security tool for browsing! There are still some UI issues to work out etc. (even in the 1.0 beta). Also this is sadly anything that I'd see becoming so easy to use that it could be installed by everyone. E.g. not something that I'd install in my parents' browser. The rule subscriptions of the 1.0 could be a step in that direction, but still I'd fear there might be too many services/sites that still would break, and the reasons for those would perhaps always be too difficult to show easily enough for the vast majority of ppl to utilize.

Worth installing for those who are willing to read simple instructions and are keen to learn how to use a hugely beneficial tool. Bedømmelse: 5 ud af 5 stjerner

Fantastic! ....(because...) I do not know a lot about the internet or computing but am aware of the ever-growing necessity for the modern individual to increase their savvy in this field. This product has been very well made and the instructions for its usage are clear and simple. Thank you Mr Samuel for your time and effort spent in bringing us this add-on. PS., I employ both RequestPolicy and No-Script concurrently and thus far have encountered no problems that couldn't be put down to user ineptitude.

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I changed my mind on this, had to disable it. It interferes too much with noscript and too complicated to use for the average joe.

Denne bruger har en tidligere anmeldelse af denne tilføjelse.

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I feel really naked, when I have to browse the web without it. That said, the android version of this addon isn't compatible with the latest firefox version (25.0.1), so I feel really naked there...

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should be built-in on every browser

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Эта версия - 0.5.28, весьма неплоха и юзабельна. А вот у новых бета-версий интерфейс перепилен в соответствие с новыми веяниями и стал совершенно непотребен, что весьма расстраивает.

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One problem... I put in *.cloudfront.net and cloudfront.net into the destination whitelist and the origin-to-destination whitelist and it's still blocking all *.cloudfront.net by default.
NoScript had no issue whitelisting by the same method; haven't been able to figure it out without having to temp allow per page to keep the whitelist a little cleaner.

Really nice but buggy Bedømmelse: 3 ud af 5 stjerner

I must admit I really love the add-on but it has a few bugs. Mainly it's not always updating all requests (for example on sites that are mainly operated through javascript and not re-loaded through html) and sometimes it doesn't show all requests even if they're made by html (Noscript is showing the requests but RequestPolicy isn't). So when it doesn't display them I cant unblock anything and its not possible using the site, deactivating the add-on fixes it. Also sometimes it shows domains as whitelisted when they're blacklisted, sometimes it shows them blacklisted and whitelisted at the same time, without allowing to do anything when hovering over the whitelist entry.