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10 versioner

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Version 560.0 kB Virker med Firefox 30.0 og nyere

This is primarily a bugfix release to RES v4.5.3 - for full details, please see

Version 559.8 kB Virker med Firefox 30.0 og nyere

For a complete list of changes, please see

Version 546.2 kB Virker med Firefox 31.0 og nyere

RES 4.5.2 provides a number of new features including greater HTML5 video support to replace GIFs, and loads more -- full details here:

Version 658.8 kB Virker med Firefox 19.0 og nyere

Please see for a full changelog. This version brings a great deal of new features and bug fixes!

Version 494.1 kB Virker med Firefox 19.0 og nyere

Version 485.1 kB Virker med Firefox 19.0 og nyere

Most notably, RES adds compatibility for Firefox 23 as well as a few new features and a load of bug fixes.

Please see the changelog for full details on changes.

Version 460.3 kB Virker med Firefox 19.0 og nyere

Version 423.7 kB Virker med Firefox 14.0 og nyere

New features (this is primarily a bugfix

- Added "me" to comment navigator - allows scrolling through your own posts on a thread
- RANDNSFW link is now hidden if NSFW filter is on
- Added a few new keyboard navigation features thanks to urhereimnot's contribution
- Added a new option to allow orangered envelope to link to full inbox, instead of /unread (this is off by default), thanks to andytuba's contribution

Bug fixes / Maintenance

- Security fixes to prevent XSS attacks via external
- Fixed a few issues with Opera - Now REQUIRES Opera 12.10
- Fixed "Show parent on hover", which broke when Reddit's HTML changed
- Fixed doubling up of "full comments" on friends/comments page (also due to reddit change)
- Fixed an issue that broke twitter expandos for some users
- Fixed a bug in Safari related to XHR (thanks Gamefreak)
- Updated snuownd per Gamefreak
- Bugfixes for nested instances of "load more comments" not getting applied RES functions
- Updates for compatibility with newer versions of Firefox Addon SDK (aka jetpack)
- Broke out plugins into separate files
- Using Mutationobserver instead of DOMNodeInserted when available for greater efficiency
- Cleanup of keyboard index storage for greater efficiency
- Some various cleanup to CSS

Version 404.5 kB Virker med Firefox 14.0 og nyere

First official version for AMO

Version 403.5 kB Virker med Firefox 13.0 og nyere

First submission to AMO for Reddit Enhancement Suite