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  • Is that even supposed to work ? I could not access some Youtbe content. Installed Proxtube : DID NOT change a thing. Useless.
  • genial
  • Works fine
  • muy buena, se tarda un poco pero resuelve el problema de los video de youtube bloqueados por pais.
  • For me, it was useless.
  • nice
  • wann wird der Typ endlich von der Firefox gefeuert?
  • thank you
  • すべての国でブロックされたコンテンツが含まれている動画は再生できませんでした。
  • good
  • Firefox 57.0.4 (64-Bit) updated 1/2018

    ProxTube 4.0.5 works good but increases video loading time. Often loading is being restarted even if ProxTube is switched off.
    Now I can see a video in Germany which is restricted to non-Germany. But why can I see it NOW also even if ProxTube is switched off???

    Disturbing: The green money bar appearing every time. Because of this and the increased video loading time, I activate only if necessary.
  • No funciona...
  • An alle Nutzer dieses Addons,
    Proxtube Version 4.0.5 funktioniert nicht mehr mit Firefox 52.5.2esr oder älter. Benutzer dieser Version von Mozilla Firefox sollten deshalb Proxtube 2.3.12 installieren und das Autoupdate für dieses Addon deaktivieren.
  • doesn't do what it says. The video I wanted to watch is still blocked...
  • Amazing
  • It's nice and it works but it really need to much unnecessary permissions... I don't like that...
  • in some videos is "proxtube could not unlock the video unfortunately because it is locked in the us too" only because of the us?
  • As per Title, will this addon support "WebExtension for Firefox 57" soon ??
  • Nice extension. It does its work, and unblock all the restricted video (at least in my experience). I recommend it very much
  • Not the best app that I liked, but overall it works. Not bad works in Romania, 8\10 video unlocked. I will use further. I hope that extension will continue to develop, and only in the best way)
  • I wish the developers listened to me.

    When you turn on / off the expansion occurs too many redirects, you can remove them?

    This notification "Sites marked as "auto" automatically detect blocked pages on the specified site! This also works if you've turned off the service. To disable the site, just uncheck it." I would like to have the option to hide it

    So I'd like to get back to choose the websites that will be blocked by the t e hide for example Pandora

    Toggle switch on off to place horizontally

    In any case, good extension at the moment.

    PS Cool logo :)
  • Mediocre app
  • As someone else has already said, it does not work anymore. It now consumes a lot of cpu power for no reason, which probably means they are stealthily mining cryptocurrencies or something like that.
  • Worked well in the past. Now it's useless and consumes power.
  • not working anymore, piece of scrap!