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  • I'm not quick to say the new version is extremely better than classic, but they have their pros and cons. Overall, I love that this makes websites darker and easier on my eyes.

    I also do not like the white flash, but chrome addons like deluminate have this as well, so I'm not complaining much. I kind of wish it changed scrollbars to be darker.
  • Perfect!!!
  • Has all the features I want, especially white-listing. Makes all the difference. The problem is that on some webpages both the regular and classic theme make the page a solid gray, so it doesn't work on every single site.

    I use a separate night mode addon for when this happens, so it's a minor inconvenience, but otherwise this addon is great.
  • A big thanks to the developer of this add-on, I do expect that Firefox have eye friendly app like the "dark reader" in Chrome. Thank you so much!!!
  • Dark reader in chrome (but chrome has the new tab white flicker, hence, the switch to firefox) doesn't have this white flicker and was great. Hope the dev can fix the white flicker when the page loads (the page first loads its light theme, then a second later, the add-on converts to dark theme.
  • very good but please enable "per tab mode" as very often only a few tabs needs reader mode and it's not good having to switch the extension on and off
  • Unfortunately it has an issue that results in the obfuscation of images or videos on certain sites. It also seems to forget to enable itself when opening the browser.

    Presumably it also can't do much about the brief (but annoying) white flicker when sites load.

    Otherwise, it's the best on Firefox and uses much less harsh "dark" variants than Deluminate does on Chrome. However, Deluminate has fewer problems.

    So... round and round we go.

    Here's hoping it improves.
  • Could use more options, different methods for darkening a page could work better on different sites.
  • Does as it says, however, for the sites in which I specifically set to disable, I end up having to set the permissions for each site individually, EVERY time I open firefox. My cookies allow for your extension to operate, yet the extension fails to apply the correct theme (if any) to the sites I specify- even though everything shows correctly, exactly as I'd set it to my preferences in the 'configure website settings'.....
  • Awesome Addon for my collections. One small issue I've found is it gets drag on the upper page after turning it off other than that is good. Optionally you can add brightness ruler with a default reset to make it more user friendly.
  • The white-to-black conversion works like a charm, making this the best night mode type addon I've tried. It actually makes pages not look like they've broken when converting them ;)

    Only thing I've got a problem with is the setting not being saved. Pages I've set to "Disable Owl for this website" and such, are wiped every time I restart Firefox. I'm unsure, however, if this is intentional, or just me having conflics with other addons (like cookie wipers, scripts blockers, etc).

    Except for that, a great addon indeed! Great work!
    Thanks for the review, I'm glad Owl works well for you. The non-persistence of disabled websites is abnormal, and there must be something interfering with Owl's proper functioning.
    Perhaps if you could provide me a list of addons you are currently using, along with your platform and Firefox version details, I might be able to reproduce and solve it. You can reach me with the details from either the Owl drop-down panel or the contact link on the AMO page (Sorry, can't place a URL in a review/reply)

  • Good work overall. The darkening technique provides comfortable colors with attention to preserving contrasts.

    Tips for improvement:

    The hotkey activation combo alt-shift-d isn't quick to type and in the rush can easily be mistyped for the alternative alt-shift-c, causing wonder and requiring further time to undo the wrong combo and retype the correct one.

    The toolbar button is somewhat too complex with its pulldown menu; the button is intended to be used routinely, maybe tens of times per day, and I already see myself accidentally clicking that pulldown arrow all the time and dodge with its menu. I'd prefer that button to be simple, single-purposed, without any sub menu. The donations button contained in that menu could be moved over the configure_sites.html page.
  • Today I download many addons like this, but this one rocks!
    I wonder on 4 stars only for disabling messenger on facebook with owl theme, on classic works nice but looks more ugly. If you fix this one then it will be the best addon!
  • Very simple and easy to use. Even in the day. Night viewing should be much better as well. Should be a keeper for Cyberfox ..... Thanks. :)
  • really good !! good job
  • I apologize, come to think of it I did not check options for this addon and should have. Thanks for having already included the option for Owl starting up when the browser starts.

    As far as Flickr goes, that classic setting works for the homepage. When I go to my photostream (the page where I see all my photos that I've uploaded), classic theme still doesn't work there.

    EDIT: Lol, funny - on Flickr's homepage I have to use Owl's classic theme, but on the photostream page I have to turn classic theme off and it works.

    You have checkboxes in the Owl toolbar button for "Use classic theme on this website" and "Disable Owl for this website" -- can you maybe add those same options at page level too? Such as "Use classic theme on this webpage", and "Disable Owl for this webpage"? I think those "page-level" options might help cover every scenario.
  • The only thing missing is if this was coded so that form areas like search areas are highlighted so you can see them. And also menus. To find things I have turn the add on off.
  • Turns all the text light and all the backgrounds dark. Keeps everything else the same so you can still see images and such which is why I prefer it to FireFox Reading Mode which will sometimes remove image and links to the next page in multi page articles.
  • By far the best darkening solution I've come across.
    It changes backgrounds, text colours, borders and pretty much everything into comfortable shades of grey and blue, that do not tire the eye as fast as the more common black background white text that usually comes with global nightstyles. It does not slow the loading of pages down noticeably, and the pages are seamlessly converted to a darker variant before drawn on the screen. Despite the wide variety of different layouts and styles on sites across the web, this addon turns them into a readable dark twin, almost to a fault. Really impressive.

    Using this makes every website easy on the eye, but it breaks
    functionality from time to time. When everything is grey, it can get a bit tricky to locate input fields, such as search fields for example. Some inlaid images, borders and other elements also gets converted to the background grey, in effect making them disappear. This usually makes little difference, but some pages looses thumbnails and interactive buttons to this effect. TorrentFreak.com looses its newsfeed thumbnails, Gmail looses it check boxes and wikipedia math equations get impossible to read for example. Ultimately I can understand the developers choice to hide these elements, as I have seen other alternatives such as 'Night Mode Pro' addon or 'Global Dark - Stitch Customs v2' style-userscript that tries to keep these elements. This means you have to turn the extension on and off, which can get a bit tiresome.

    When you click on some text, as you would when you try to mark a selection of it to copy, the entire text turns white as opposed to light grey. I have not yet come across a situation where it becomes obvious why this functionality is needed, and I find it a tiny bit annoying.

    Some features that I think would even further improve this addon:
    - The ability to switch the text highlighting off
    - A customizable blacklist of websites to not turn dark (on these pages one could then use a custom style-userscript, and not have to turn owl on an off. I want it turned on all always.)
    - A hotkey to owl on and off
    - An option to start firefox with owl turned on per default.

    Very good addon, even if it has no options.

    (A solution to the wikipedia's equation problem could be installing https://userstyles.org/styles/105844/wikipedia-dark-st for those interested)
  • I've used just about every night mode add on there is, I spend alot of time staring at my monitor and i have sensitive eyes. Some of them will miss part of the page, some will make the text unreadable, who could blame them? every page is laid out diffrent. But this one excels where most failed. it's not too high contrast and it work just about everywhere and seems to adjust with the page instead of displaying a mess. Excellent work!
  • Works fine as advertised.
    Only a suggestion, in general the lines are too light in my opinion.
  • As you can see above, this add-on will introduce a nice, pleasing grey screen (which I like a lot more than black screens), change the text colors, and, unfortunately, remove much of the page content. Due to how this add-on functions and what it wants to do, this is necessary.

    I've messed around with this add-on for maybe a week or something now, and on most of the sites I have tried it with I am missing a lot of things such as inlaid images, borders, and other assorted elements. This isn't a huge deal most of the time. It just makes pages look crappy. But, several sites also lose certain functionality when buttons or other interactive items go missing (not necessarily removed, just invisible). Then you have to swap back and forth between blinding white and pleasant grey, and that isn't such a happy thing.

    Your eyes will love this. But people who want to retain full functionality of their webpages with a permanent eye-saving solution should look into much more in-depth alternatives such as Stylish, F.lux, and Turn Off the Lights. There are many advanced night mode extensions (such as Night Mode Pro or Night Mode Eye Guard) that I would actually recommend Owl over, because both of those absolutely butcher pages, even if they try to keep many elements.

    Three stars for basic function and appeal. Doesn't really have any options and leaves a lot of the page out in favor of easy reading.

    EDIT: I can't really reply as far as I know and I don't want to spam with another review so I will hope you see this. A couple of these already have dark themes, but your extension stays on throughout the entire session so from time to time I would have to toggle it myself. For testing I am just checking websites I go to that are relatively popular.
    some websites that lose interactive elements,
    - Outlook Mail (Many icons on the top bar as well as the tick boxes)
    - Imgur (Some icons on the top bar and the upload buttons)
    - Photobucket (All image thumbnails)
    - Netflix (All tile thumbnails)
    - Pocket/getpocket.com (Loses most buttons on the top bar and above your pocket list, as well as thumbnails and page titles)
    - DeviantArt (Loses all image thumbnails on front page, searching is fine though)
    - YouTube loses its video player buttons.

    Some additional features I think would improve this add-on
    - An option to toggle Owl for the entire session (like currently) or to only activate it per tab
    - Option to permanantly activate/deactivate Owl on a specific website
    - Maybe a shade selector for people who prefer something lighter/darker. I think this grey is perfect though.
    Hi, Scutshakes
    Thanks for the elaborate and honest review. I was really looking forward to response from users. Although this is just a small side-project I cooked up, I'd still be interested in maintaining it. I'd be grateful if you could point out a few website that lose functionality (known: Google(homepage), Github, Facebook and StackOverflow). Also, it'd be great if you could suggest any additional features/options to make this a better utility.

    Thanks again,

  • Все просто. Ничего лишнего.